The Foley Artist

What is Foley?

A Foley Explained and Illustrated

Watch for independent study


Creative Intention: To record Foley sound for a short sequence in order to create a soundscape that adds a ‘…insert own adjective(s) here’ atmosphere.

  1. Create a new Premiere Pro Project in the D Drive of your computer in a project folder called ‘Your Name – Foley Sound’
  2. Download this clip of film into the Project Folder.
  3. Complete a ‘Spotting Session’, where you identify the sounds that should be in the clip, list at least 5 sounds which you will record in the next session.
    • This should also include ambient sound, which will act as the base layer of sound throughout the clip.
  4. Create 5+ Foley sound using various objects that you bring in from home to create an atmosphere for the clip.
  5. In Audition import the sounds and sync them to the sequence.
  6. Create a title slate for the exercise, which includes:
  7. Export your Foley sound sequence, upload to your G Drive & YouTube
  8. Create a sub-page in the Sound section reflective journal called ‘My Foley Sound’
    • Explain the role of the Foley sound artist
    • The process you used to create the sound
    • Reflect on how Foley sound can be used to add meaning to film.



Here is some extra sound effects and loops