Lighting and Colour

Lighting is an element of Cinematography.

If a shot is not well lit it’s almost useless.

The lighting department work closely with the cinematographer to create the right look for each shot.

  • The chief lighting designer and on set engineer is called The Gaffer
  • The assistant to the Gaffer is called The Best Boy

This week we are going to explore the fundamentals of film lighting.

Analysing Lighting

Using Three Point Lighting in a Studio.

Colour in Storytelling


Creative Intention:

‘To explore a range of lighting set ups in a studio setting.’

In Adobe Premiere create a playlist of 8 different lighting states that we shot in class.

Before each on a black slate (title card) identify the lighting setup and the impact that you feels it communicates.

Reflect on the impact different lighting states can have on the meaning communicated.