Screenwriting 101

Lessons from the Screenplay

Lessons learnt…
  1. Action lines (in the script) give the scene a sense of atmosphere. They also give actors and directors guidance about their characters and the tone of the scene.
  2. The last line is the point of the scene.
    • Funnel the scene down to its final point of crisis or tension.
  3. Subplot characters echo and foreshadow the narrative journey of the central protagonist.

Write a short screenplay for a scene entitled¬†‘Stolen’.

  • Your screenplay should be formatted using this preformated document.
  • …should be no more than 1 page.
  • …should have a clear climax.
    • The final line should define the scene.
  • It should contain a major and supporting (subplot) character.
  • It should be achievable to film in 8-12 shots (some of which can (and should be) repeated)).
Development & Extension

The 5 act structure and the self contained structure of each act.

  • Linking narrative with screenplay writing