Directing 101

The director is best though of as the conductor of the film orchestra.

He or she will direct all the heads of department in order to realise her or his vision, which is inspired by the screenplay.

The director must develop creative collaborations with key personnel. The…

  • Production Designer (Costume, Props, Set, Hair & Make-Up)
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Sound effects and Foley
  • Music composers
  • Actors

In this (Stolen) task the director will be responsible for:

  • Annotating the Screenplay
  • Agreeing Shot list & Storyboard
  • Collaborating on character design
Production (Filming)
  • Discussing the shot set up with the cinematographer
  • Blocking the action
  • Giving actors direction on body language and delivery of their lines.
    • Remember to think of their motivation (wants and needs)
      • Where these are in conflict we have drama!
Post Production
  • Agreeing a sound spotting list with sound designer, feeding back on drafts & signing off final draft.
  • Agreeing an instrumentation and tone with music designer (Temp Score), feeding back a& signing off final score.
  • Collaborating with editor on final cut and agreeing completion.
Independent Study P1

Watch this video from 02.45 to the end….so basically all of it!

How does blocking change a scene? If you were director how would you block the movement of the actors / camera?

Here is a Masterclass in Blocking

Giving notes to actors