Sharing & Visualising the Scene

The Concept or Moodboard

As we know the screenplay is a visual script and the really successful ones are those that allow an image to be painted for the reader – so that they can SEE what the screenwriter is intending.

This week we are going to spend time developing the idea and redrafting the script. By the end of the week you should have agreed a final draft to use on shoot.


Here is the script to the opening sequence of Alien (1978) Scott.

Notice how economical it is. Almost a bullet point list of what we can hear and what we can see.

In production teams read through the scripts your group has written and discuss the merits and ideas for development for each.

You must then choose one script which will become the groups idea.

The first task will be to allow some input from your partner(s) and complete a new version of screenplay in the form of a…


Considering what will happen step by step and what the audience will SEE and how the scene will unfold.

Complete an extended step outline for each of your scenes.


This is a shared visual document which is used to help the production team work up an agreed vision for their film. The moodboard should contain:

  • characters
  • framing and lighting ideas
  • settings (this will be available from the Mirus Battery at Le Hougette later this week
  • props
  • costumes

Here is anĀ example from a previous student. You should be aiming for at least 20/25 images and you can present these as below or in a one page collage.


Redraft the script.

Based on your shared work this week redraft the script.

The Pitch

When you have completed this work you should:

  1. Pitch your ideas to your teacher
  2. Upload your work into the screenwriting section of your reflective journal