Using Adobe Audition

Important note on using copyrighted sound or video.

Simply taking a sound from our library or downloading music or sound and adding it directly to your footage is not enough! Below is a a hierarchy of different levels of creativity can be shown, which directly corresponds to your assessment. We are aiming for  levels 4 & 5!

  1. simple addition of existing non-copyright audio-visual material
  2. basic manipulation of existing non-copyright audio-visual material
  3. substantial manipulation of existing non-copyright audio-visual material
  4. innovative interpretation of non-copyright existing audio-visual material or creation of basic original audio/visual material
  5. creation of sophisticated original audio/visual material.
  • 4)  will be evident in your multi-track mix of loops and effects, which you will get from our library and mix in Audition.
  • 5) will be evident in your recorded foley sounds, application of effects in Audition and in how you mix these with your multi-track of loops and effects in the final edit.
Sound Designers will use Adobe Audition to…
  • Use loops of sound effects / music in order to create:
    • Ambient sound
    • Sound hits, stabs, crescendos
  • Apply effects to own recorded foley sounds or music

You will need to refresh your memory on the basics of Adobe Audition:

Creating Loops in a Multi-track Session:

This enables you to take a sound and repeat it seamlessly, whilst building up other layers of music or sound.

Choose 6-10 sounds or loops of music from our sound effects library and using a multi-track session create a layer of ambient sound, one for each of your different locations (outside / inside).