Lessons this Week

Lesson 1 & 2
Complete horror sequence!

The first thing you need to get is some feedback on your most recent draft…

…and then set yourself some targets for the final draft.

You should show your draft horror sequence (either on YouTube or Premiere) to at least two other groups in the class.

They will answering the following questions?

  1. Does your sequence make sense in terms of continuity?
    1. Does it make sense in time, space and action?
    2. Does it make sense in terms of relationships and interactions?
  2. What is the overall tone or mood in the sequence?
    1. How is this achieved in the edit and sound mix?
  3. Does the sound help create a sense of environment?
    1. Does Foley sound draw your attention to object / actions?
    2. Is there a sense of pace and energy in the edit and music?
  4. Is there a sense of narrative?
    1. A protagonist and antagonist identified?
    2. Is there a sense of motive?
    3. How is the narrative likely to continue?

You should record this feedback (use the voicememo on your phones) and include it in your reflective journal. This would look great in the reflection section of your pages. As well as being a piece of analysis in terms of how the meaning / impact is enhanced in post production (sound and editing)… This helps you define the film production role your are submitting in the reel and pages.

Once you’ve done the feedback for two other groups you should continue with your own edit.  In the light of what you have seen in other people’s work and the feedback you received on your edit, what changes in this final edit / mix will have the most impact on the sequence?

These are your targets (no more than 3-5 specific and achievable. Complete these targets in time for…

Deadline – Friday 15th @ 17.00