Production Report Part 2

Redrafting Part 1

Please redraft the first part of your production report based on feedback.

You should also use this self assessment check list for each stage of your production report to make sure that you are covering the essentials

Structure & Content of Part 2 (Pre-Production)

  1. Collaboration with my core production team (200 words)
    • The pitch (recorded and available for review).
      • Feedback on the idea as a whole.
    • What techniques did you use to visualise the film and each scene within it? (Step Outline, Storyboard, Script…)
    • Rehearsals.
      • How did you direct your actors and work out the blocking.
    • What specific creative decisions / changes did you make during pre-production as a group?
    • What were the necessary documents to complete in pre-production (PMA & Risk Assessments)
      • What was the importance / significance of these?
  2. Creative work in my film production role (200 words)
    • The pitch as it relates to your production role.
      • What Targets / experiments will you practice in your production role.
    • What pre-production tasks / documents did you have to complete in your production role and how did you get input from other team members?
    • What specific creative decisions did you make during pre-production in your production role?

Friday 15th February