Production Report Part 3

Redrafting Part 2

Please redraft the second part of your production report based on feedback.

You should also use this self assessment check list for each stage of your production report to make sure that you are covering the essentials

Structure & Content of Part 3 (Production)

You should refer back to your creative intention within this section of the report and your decisions / revisions, should be referred back to that, as this is your overarching meaning.

  1. Collaboration with my core production team (200 words)
  • How did you work with other team members during the shoot?
  • Directing and production design are (mostly) shared responsibilities and so you should write about the ways in which you:
    • Blocked and gave notes to actors
    • Supplied or sources props or  costumes that helped communicate meaning
    • Help resolve issues with equipment
  • You may also have been asked to immediate feedback on cinematography or sound recordings
    • What feedback did you give and why?
  • After the shoot you should also have reviewed the footage together and decided on pick ups (shots that are missing or needed to be re-filmed):
    • What decisions did you make and why?
      • Remember this should be linked to communicating meaning.
  1. Creative work in my film production role (200 words)
  • What decisions did you make on shoot to communicate the desired meaning within your production role?
    • Cinematographers discuss: lighting, framing, movement and blocking
    • Directors discuss: blocking, characterisation (working with actors)
    • Sound designers discuss: dialogue, Foley and ambient sound recorded.
    • Editors discuss: continuity, filming for transitions and cut aways

Friday 8th March