Production Report Part 4

Redrafting Part 3

Please redraft the second part of your production report based on feedback.

You should also use this self assessment check list for each stage of your production report to make sure that you are covering the essentials

Structure & Content of Part 4 (Post Production)

You should refer back to your creative intention within this section of the report and your decisions / revisions, should be referred back to that, as this is your overarching meaning.

Please include screenshots of your work in progress and pictures of planning documents.

Collaboration with my core production team (approx 200 words)

  • How did you support the team in creating:
    • A pick up list for the cinematographer?
    • A sound spotting list for the sound designer?
  • How were you involved in discussion with the editor about the rough cut?
  • What suggestions were made about how to recut draft 2?

Creative work in my film production role (approx 200 words)

  1. What specific decisions have you made in your production role to create meaning and link back to you individual or group creative intention?

Friday 22nd March