The Batman – Dark Ideologies


Read, discuss, understand this key note article on Batman by Pete Turner.

  1. Some important terminology to define before we read:
    • Ideology
    • Socio-Political Context
    • Vigilante
    • Dominant Hegemony
    • Authoritarianism
    • Dichotomy
  2. Read the article aloud around the class.
  3. Stop/start discussion on the article and specific sections of it:
    1. Vigilantism, justice and vengeance
    2. By any means necessary – the tactics of Batman
    3. Inequality in Gotham
    4. The masses
  4. Complete notes on the article during the discussion
  5. Highlight key quotes from the article to use in next week’s essay
  6. Generate a Harvard reference for the article to use in the bibliography of the essay
Reflective Journal
  1. Embed article
  2. Summarise in 3-5 Bullet Points
  3. Reflect on the importance of reading articles / reviews on films we are studying (50 words)

Your Favourite Film this Year.

What’s the best film you have watched this year (so far)?

What were the reasons you loved it so much?

These reasons often are something to do with these macro features of a film:

Independent Study (For Monday)

Create a slideshow like the one below.

You are quoting someone else in this slideshow and the rule is:

It’s fine to copy and paste someone’s words, but you must give them the credit!

In the notes of your slide show, you should put in the reference for your source. Use this website to generate a Harvard Reference for your quote.