A Black Slate

All of the collaborative projects need to be submitted individually and need to include a personalised black slate.

  • 10 Seconds Long

Should include:

  • Name of the Film
  • Logline in 50 words or less
  • Your production role


Golden Gregsons Awards – Your Nomination

The Golden Gregsons are happening soon:
  • Where – The Performing Arts Center
  • When – 19th March 2019. 7.00 – 9.30 PM

We want to submit your horror film sequence into one of the award categories.

To do this you must submit your final product as follows:

  1. Create a new folder in the D Drive called, ‘The Name of Your Film, The name(s) of the film makers”. So for example:
    • “The Shining. Stanley Kubrick & Diane Johnson”
  2. In this folder you should put:
    • A copy of the whole film.
    • A 30-40 second clip to be played as the films are nominated.
  3. Copy this whole folder into: P:\Golden Gregsons 2019\IB Horror Films
ALSO…and More Importantly

We have tried to upload your comparative video essays to IB Central Command and have hit a problem.

Their website only accepts uploads to a maximum of 500mb!

Several video essays are larger than that and will need to be exported again to get the file size under that target limit. The students who need to re-export are:

  • Andre
  • Chloe
  • Dom
  • Gabriel
  • Jonah
  • Toby
  • Darragh
  • Owen
  • Tom
  • Haygan
  • Isabelle
  • Sasha

IB Film Studies Year 2

Welcome back to year 2 of IB Film.

Over the second year we have to work towards submitting assessed work, which will build on what you have learnt in year 1.

All the work you submit will contribute to your final grade!

    • Your Film Portfolio (25%) (Done)
    • A textual analysis essay (20%). Sept – Oct
    • A comparative video essay (20%) Nov – Dec
    • A collaborative film project (35%) Jan – Apr

Here is a document which details what you need to submit for each assessed component:

Risk Assessing Your Shoot

All pre-production must include a risk assessment, this would normally be the task of the producer. You are going work on this together.

Reflect on the briefing in the LT on Thursday @ 10.30 (in retrospect if you like):

Consider all the possible risks of working in an abandoned bunker, underground, with concrete edges (at head height), with little and big steps, some of which are wet! It’s also going to be dark! You will be filming panic and frantic action, what is that action…? Running…


You must really think about this and foresee any possible risks and how your are going to make sure that risk doesn’t turn into injury, accident or spoiling other peoples shoots!

  1. Please read and familiarise yourself with this document.
  2. Work through this risk assessment with your partner…
  3. …print it…
  4. …sign it…
  5. …give the signed copy to your teacher.

You could upload the document in your reflective journal under directing and / or cinematography.

Recap of Autumn Term 2017

We covered a lot of important concepts last term that we need to build upon in the rest of the course.

Task 1

Class brainstorm of the key things we have learnt in Film.

Task 2

Create a visual representation of one of those concepts in small groups.

Task 3

Contribute to a class glossary of terms for the concept you have been allocated.

Task 4

Find a film that your’re excited about and apply one macro to the film and one micro to a sequence.