Textual Analysis – Independent Research

A key elements of IB is Independent Research. You must demonstrate that you are able to conduct independent research into:

  1. Your chosen films (reviews / online essays)
  2. The macro features of the film
  3. The wider context surrounding production and reception

This must be done independently, your teacher cannot do this for you!

We will share our findings in film focused seminars the week after the screenings.


Your teachers have done some research into the following broad macro areas:

  • Film Analysis & Motifs
  • Filmmakers (Auteur)
  • Genre
  • Narrative

Read through teachers’ the research document and identify one quote from each section that you think you could drop into a textual analysis essay

You should use this use document to copy in the quote, cite the reference (given in the document) and explain how this might be used in your textual analysis.

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