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Textual Analysis Film Research Sources

Your Initial Response Complete one of these documents in preparation Context / Film Research. You’ve got one week to conduct the research necessary to help you understand your chosen film: Character Representation Narrative Genre Visual Style Context Critical Reception (Reviews) By the end of the week you will submit a proposed sequence from your film […]

Textual Analysis – Independent Research

A key elements of IB is Independent Research. You must demonstrate that you are able to conduct independent research into: Your chosen films (reviews / online essays) The macro features of the film The wider context surrounding production and reception This must be done independently, your teacher cannot do this for you! We will share our […]

Macro Analysis Refresher

There are three key areas to any textual analysis essay: Micro Features Analysis (within your chosen 5 minute sequence) Macro Features Analysis (within the whole film) Cultural Context Analysis (the wider significance surrounding the film / content) We have four lessons to review what we already know and fill any gaps in your understanding. Essential […]

Micro Analysis Refresher

So, let’s get down to the micro… This is a process that you should be familiar with: Identify specific examples of production techniques: Cinematography Editing Sound Mise-en-scene These examples must be named with a technical term Analyse the impact that technique, in combination with others, on the audience? How do ‘we’ read the text? Previous blog posts that […]