December 2

Language Analysis

Part of the task is to not only take the photos and do the design of the magazine; but I am also required to write a double page article, and I will be assessed on that writing.

Therefore, I need to analyse an article from a professional music magazine and consider how it is written. I will consider the target audience and evaluate how the written word (copy) fulfils their needs, uses and pleasure of this particular media text.

Previously we agreed that their needs, uses and pleasures included:

  • Up to date information (gigs, trends, available media…)
  • Fashion ideas / new looks
  • Gaining an insight into stars’ lives and personalities
  • A reflection of their own values, attitudes and beliefs


’Billboard (June 20, 2015), Don’t Look Back, Adam Lambert’

This interview in Billboard Magazine written in June 20, 2015 is called ‘Don’t Look Back’ with the artist Adam Lambert speaking about his experience working with artists and producing music. In this interview we are not aware that a journalist is there since Adam is just speaking and the journalist doesn’t say anything to him. This creates an inclusive sense like we are with the artist ourselves and we can feel involved in the fan club and all the gossip that is going on. The interview is written in 1st person which enhances the fact that we are the ones speaking to the artist so we feel wanted and important. This interview is a very personal experience for the reader which captures their interest and sparks their want to be noticed by the star in real life. There is a clear introduction and conclusion in this interview which sets the opening and closing scenes for the reader. In the intro the journalist sets the scene by telling the audience they are in a penthouse in Hollywood looking like he’s about to “kick ass”. This gets the audience interested in what Adam has to say since he seems intimidating and rebellious which is what teens look for in artists to help them stand up for themselves. The conclusion is positive and a contrast to the intro to portray that you can resolve your problems and nothing is that bad in the end. The actual interview itself creates the impression that us as the audience are involved with the celeb gossip and we get an insight to our favorite artists life. The writing of the article fits the genre of music since it is bold and smooth. There are many colors which keep the reader hooked as well. The quote “It’s hard for me to be happy” in the intro makes the audience have sympathy for the artist and read how difficult his struggles were with the world. The journalist represents the star as a wholesome, hardworking artist who loves his fans and like to take lots of different opportunities. The audience gets to learn how the artist like to critic every piece of work he does and how he is a perfectionist. The journalist presents the artist as a kind and genuine person through the soft writing and how the magazine is in 1st person.

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