June 22

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Today we had the task to look at music videos in our songs genre and find shots that they use.

Certain genres (types) of music rely specifically on certain shots as part of the repertoire of elements (conventions, ingredients).  For example:

  • Heavy rock might have canted, hand held camera shots with whip pans a plenty, which helps convey a genre that is energetic, anarchic and rebellious.
  • Indie acoustic might include smoother, longer, pull focus shots that represent the artist as sincere, laid back and unhurried.

It is important as a producer to create something that is conventional but also different to attract the audience and reel them in. The audience might reject the text if it is not what they like, so it is up to the producer to provide them with what they want but at the same time, push the creative boundaries so it is new and unique.

Here is the Padlet we created around some of the shots pop music uses:

Made with Padlet

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