July 19

Design Skills 1

These are some of the skills I learn’t while creating and experimenting with the first draft of my music video:

The first thing I did was I was able to put an invert filter on one of the clips. This was done by selecting the clip and adding an invert effect on it. With this we could choose the colour and how long we wanted the effect to stay on the clip for. We chose to leave the effect on for the whole clip. The blue filter helped create a cold and enigmatic feel for the scene, the fast paced edit helped convey her anxiety. Next I was able to create a pulse. This was created by selecting a time in a clip that we wanted a pulse to be in. We put the pulse on a point of impact. On that point we had to change the position and scale of the image so it would zoom in to create a pulse effect. We added 2 more times before and after the clip to make sure the pulse returned back to normal again. The pulse gave the audience a sense of her distress of trying to be like everyone else. This shows she is trying to tell her audience to be unique. After that I learn’t to do an echo. We did this by adding an echo effect on to the clip then changing its echo time (how fast we wanted the echo to be) and what intensity we wanted the echo to be. We didn’t want it to be too crazy so we slowed it down to make sure we could still see our star but the effect was still valid. This created an energy around our star that gave off good vibes and a positive energy which her fans can feed off and feel good about being who they are. Next I created an emboss. This was done by adding a tint layer to the clip and choosing the colours red and black. We wanted to tint it 100% to create a cool effect. Next over the clip we added an emboss layer, for the emboss we got to choose the direction, relief and contrast. This multilayered effect created a colourful technique for our music video. The multiple layers are there to show our star can be many different things and how behind the layers she is not always smiling like she is in the video. She shows her fans its okay to not be okay all the time. Finally, I put 2 other dancing clips over a clip with our star singing. This was done by layering the clips on top of the singing clip and making them smaller. We put a circle frame around the other two clips to make it framed. Then we reduced the size of them so the attention will be on the star in the middle. Then we changed the position of the two circle frames one to the top left and the other bottom right. We also faded the outsides of the circles so they blended in better with the clip. This gave our star many different mindsets. The audience can see that she is confused with who she wants to be.

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