March 17

Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

These are the songs in which I have a vision for:

Narrative: A person being excluded because they are different but they learn to accept themselves for who they are. About learning to love ones self and being at peace with you inner demons.

Performance: Single female performer singing, different storylines of feeling left out and excluded.

Narrative: Falling from grace, being turned into something you are not, choosing your own fate and not going by the rules.

Performance: Dark and mysterious, being dragged into hell, making wrong choices. Female solo singer, different events to show rebellion and turning.

Narrative: People putting you down but always having that special group of people who support you and understand you no matter what. Learning that no everyone is gonna be on your side and you will have to accept that and live your life the way you want.

Performance: Big explosions, open fields, solo male singer, narrative alongside of different events.

Narrative: Boy/girl standing up for his/her faith but accidentally losing morals and turning to the dark side. Gives up everything he/she believes in for him/herself. Doesn’t need anyone else in the world to back him/her up. Can do everything alone.

Performance: Epic battle, turning scene, male singer, can have either have a boy or girl lead role, doesn’t need more than one person in the whole music video.

March 16

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

This is my favorite music video out of all of the past students work:

I like this because they have put in the effort to edit and produce everything so it is slick and smooth. I like that they are original and wacky in their ideas and are not afraid to step outside the box. What really intrigues me is that they have used a lip syncing person in a close up and they have used methaphors throughout the video to represent the lyrics in the song. However it doesn’t quote the lyrics directly. I like the dancing imagery that they have used to convey how the artist is feeling. The closeups of the artist singing are really effective with the glitter to show that she is the centre of attention here.


March 12

Detailed Music Video analysis

The first music video I decided to analyse is:

The second music video I decided to analyse is:

This analysis will help me when I start to create my music video since I need to know how to use imagery and different camera shots within my music video. I got to see how other artists wanted to portray their music videos and how they are able to convey things to the audience through their music videos. I saw the different camera angles that were used and how they used them effectively to portray different events and places. Overall the task was extremely helpful and showed me lots of ideas for my own video.

March 12

Music Video Form & Conventions

Today we had to look at 4 different music videos and annotate them. These are the music videos:

I have learn’t that the artist does not always have to be included in the story line. Also if the artist is in the video they are allowed to just sing and can have professional actors playing the story for them. I have also learn’t that is the music video is about that artist hardships they are allowed to star in their own music video. The video does not have to be about the lyrics at all, it can though include part of the lyrics. I got to find out that when the artist is performing they are normally lip syncing and not actually singing. I also found out that when editing music videos they tend to edit them to the beat to create a visual rhythm. For example:

  • Illustration – the narrative in the music video very closely echoes the lyrics and music
  • Amplification – the narrative whilst inspired by the songs adds a new element to complement the song
  • Disjuncture – the narrative seems to hold very little relationship to the song and seems quite random