June 23

Test Shoots

This week we were given the task to do a test shoot with different shots and camera angles. We had to practice edits and filters as well.

This is our finished product:

What went well:

  • Our editing skills were good
  • we were able to transition from multiple clips to the next
  • we added in transitions to make the clips blend together
  • the clips all matched
  • we used different shots to gain interest and technique

Even better if:

  • we added more transitions to help the piece flow better
  • we got more original and unique shots for interest


  • think outside the box with your shots and do things people haven’t seen before
  • add more necessary transitions to help the piece become more fluid
March 22

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Today I learned how to sync up lip syncing with an audio track. The song we decided to lip sync to was Poker Face by Lady Gaga. This is the finished product:

What went well:

  • I got the timings right on the lip syncing
  • I changed in-between clips
  • I moved the video image so that you could see the people’s faces

Even better if:

  • I used more clips
  • I zoomed out the video clips so more could be seen in the frame
  • It didn’t take me so long to figure out how to export it

Overall, in the real edit, the cuts will have to be much quicker between shots to give it some pace and visual dynamic and have a new shot every few seconds i.e. for 20 seconds I will probably have about 6 different shots.

March 2

Prelim Task Mood Montage

We chose the Theme practice makes perfect and wanted to base it off victory and determination. We decided to do a montage within a montage which is a post modern approach to the task. We first had to design a storyboard which we could write and draw all the shots we wanted to achieve. At the bottom of the storyboard we wrote who would be responsible for bringing items into school.

This is our storyboard:

To film the montage we went outside on the first day to take shots of the “photographer” taking photos of nature. We had to start the camera before the shot started and end the camera after the shot ended in case we cut anything important out because we can edit the clips shorter. The second day we wanted to be inside taking clips of the “photographer” editing the montage and playing with their own storyboard.

This is our final Montage:

It’s also a good opportunity to look at the assessment criteria relating to filming and ensure that I take those into account during my planning and filming. They are:

1. Holding a shot steady – this we did by using a tripod,
2. Framing a shot
3. (Shooting a) variety of shot distances


  • able to import music
  • no wonky shots
  • able to cut down footage


  • long clips
  • music doesn’t fit
  • some shots are blurry

Throughout the course of making this montage I have learn’t how to cut clips to make them shorter for the montage, I have been able to use my knowledge to put music underneath the montage. I can now put effects on the clips and transition the clips using editing skills. This will aid me in my music video preparation since I need to know how to piece my music video together using transitions and getting my music video to have a strong narrative.