May 23

Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard, this is very important as it tells us exactly where we need to position the camera and it also helps us to remember the shot because if we didn’t do this then we would probably miss out on a lot of really good shots. Doing this storyboard also saves a lot of time so we wouldn’t have to discuss it on the shoot, wasting a lot of shooting time. Doing this illustrates the journey the characters are on so we are going on it with them.

We didn’t put enough post it notes on this storyboard, it was far too brief so this is why we had to go for a second shoot and redo the filming. The next story board we will do will be more detailed so it will be easier to film the next shoot as we will use this a guideline as to what to shoot.


Posted 23rd May 2018 by imogenwegerer in category Music Video

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