June 10

Audience Ideologies

“One’ by Saint PHNX comes from the pop genre. My group and I spent some time discussing who our song would appeal most to. We used the website YouGovLTE.com to find out their interests, demographics and political views. Our band name wasn’t found on YouGov so we had to do a bit more research to find out which artists are the same as Saint PHNX.

I found this task very useful as it will help us to produce a music video that our aimed audience will be interested and entertained in. We want our audience to be able to decode messages throughout the video which will help us to encode the product as a whole.

After using YouGov to find the pefect audience for our music video, I was able to create a “typical audience member” by using Bulmer and Katz Uses and Gratification, demographics and psychographics.


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