June 15

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes Narrative)


This is our draft 2 of our music video of both performance and narrative. We still to do a lot of work to it but we as a group feel like it is coming along very well. We are very happy with the footage we have filmed and how it fits with the song. By adding the narrative to the performance helped us to pick out what shots didn’t quite work and what else we need to film to complete the video.

Targets for improvements:

  • Replace the drummer shots with someone else as she doesn’t look energetic enough for this song.
  • Add shots of both Jordan and Olivia.
  • Make its very clear that Olivia goes from one boy to another.
  • Also make it clear that Jordan is very jealous of Olivia being with someone else.
  • Make it clear which boy is which as they look very similar.
  • Add a few effects and transitions to the clips to make it more exciting.

Posted 15th June 2018 by imogenwegerer in category Music Video

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