June 15

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

First Shoot

Our first narrative shoot was filmed down at Pembroke beach. It didn’t go to plan as we weren’t as prepared as we should have been so we spent a lot of time figuring out what to do. We also didn’t get enough footage as we didn’t have enough time so we ended up re filming the narrative on a different day. The footage we did film was alright but the shots weren’t long enough so we had a bit of trouble when coming to editing as we didn’t have a lot to choose from. Most of the shots were eye level, we didn’t have a wide variety of shots which didn’t help when we were trying to communicate the meaning of the song.

Second Shoot

We ended shooting our second shoot at various locations; Olivia’s house, Fairy Ring and Mini golf at 19. We felt this shoot went so much better as we planned what to film a few days before the shoot. The weather worked well for our shoot and everyone got into it by the end of the shoot. We got a lot more footage this time so when it came to editing we had enough footage to choose from to fill the song. We also go a lot of different shots for example we got a low angle shot of them having a piggy back ride and a few from a high angle which made it clear to us and to the audience of what we wanted to communicate.


We ensured that we had the right equipment and the setting was right on the camera before we started filming so we could start filming straight away.

Overall, out first shoot did not go well but our second shoot did go well.

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