June 20

Feedback From Teacher

This is the feedback we were given back to our group. We had quite a few positive feedback but we do have a lot improvements to consider.

Positive feedback 

  • Edit works well.
  • The rhythm is good.
  • Good variety of shots.


  • Include more close-ups of main singer.
  • Make the relationship between Olivia and the 2 guys more clear.
  • Establish that the guys are in competition for Olivia.
  • Put the narrative shots in order so it doesn’t confuse the audience.
  • Improve the structure.
  • Add in shot reverse shot of the guy looking jealous.
  • Introduce Jordan earlier.
  • Maybe cast someone else instead of using the main singer.
  • Shots of Seb’s reactions to Jordan and Olivia.
  • Make narrative simpler.
  • Maybe just stick to one relationship.

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