June 29

Production Skills Evaluation 1

After editing a lot of the music video, I feel very confident on how to use Adobe Premiere and I feel like I have made huge improvements. I have learnt how to start of a clip blurred and end it in focus.  I have also learnt how to use the mark tool to match up the star singing to the words in the school, this made the editing process a lot quicker. It is key to ensure that the clips fit the rhythm and pace of the song and I feel like I can do this without any problems. I have recently learnt how to change the colour of the clip to fit the song and add in clip transitions to make the video run a bit smoother.

Our music video still looks simple and standard but we are working on making it look professional and well put together. We still need to add in more clips in from other shoots but it is coming along very well.

In this first screenshot, I was playing around with Premiere Pro and seeing what works well with what clip, I finally found an effect that worked well with the opening clip; from being blurry to being in focus. From going to blur to focus allows us to identify who these people are, we don’t see their facial expressions until 1 second into the video which gives a sense of question of who are they. We are then drawn immediately to the main singer as he is the one up close to the camera.

In this second screenshot, I was trying to find an easier way of lip syncing quicker and I found the Mark tool which allowed me to match up the lip sync to the lyrics of the song.

Here are some technical skills I have learnt whilst editing:

  • Making sure the clip fits with the rhythm and the pace of the song.
  • How to match the lip sync with the lyrics quicker.
  • How to add transitions effects.
  • How to add effects to a clip.
  • Cropping the footage.
  • Adding colour to a clip.

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