July 6

Music Video Draft 3


This is our third draft of our music video, during last week we went out and filmed more of the narrative with both boys and Olivia, this shoot went well and I feel like we have enough footage now to complete the music video.


  • Added in clips from the most recent narrative shoot.
  • Re-ordered the narrative clips so it makes more sense.
  • Added in effects to clips and seeing if they would work.

We give our music video to a few students and they gave back feedback to us which will help us to produce an even better music video.


  • We are going to speed up the edits to make it more exciting and intense.
  • Use less of the fades to black.
  • Move the position of some of the clips.

Overall, I think we have made great progress since draft 2, we have nearly filled in the gaps with more of the narrative shots, we have included effects that we think fits the clip right.

Posted 6th July 2018 by imogenwegerer in category Music Video

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