July 9

Music Video Draft 4

After listening to feedback from the previous draft, we have taken it under consideration and altered the video to make it look much better. After doing draft 4, we shared the video with our peers so they can give us feedback on it, there were quite a lot of positive feedback but we still need to do a lot to it to make it look the best it can.

Positive Feedback:

  • Mise-en-scene is good.
  • Lip-syncing is really good.
  • Good variety of shots especially on the performance.
  • Frame the shots very nicely.
  • Directed it nicely.
  • Very clear that Olivia and Seb are together.
  • The edit is slowed down of Seb and Olivia having an argument which is good.
  • The shot of Jordan and Olivia walking past Seb is good.
  • Good shot of Seb looking mad.
  • Good shot of Seb walking on the beach by himself at the end, good colour change.


  • Stabilise the clip of Jordan walking by the walls.
  • ┬áDon’t repeat the waterfall shot more than once. (Doesn’t link to the story)
  • Make the clips more consistent to the beat. (It’s off putting)
  • Add in effects.
  • Someone was stood in the shoot of Jordan and Olivia at the Cowshorn.
  • Get rid of the shot from the ground.
  • Get a different shot of Jordan looking at Olivia and Jordan.
  • Not very clear why Seb and Olivia broke up.
  • Get rid of the zoom in of Olivia by herself.
  • Edit the shot of Olivia and Jordan walking off as you can see them stutter.
  • Play with the shadow of Seb walking by himself to make it look like he’s really upset.
  • Make it obvious that Seb and Olivia are going to break up.


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