October 24

Webpage Conventions

We had to do a screencastify on a professional website, we chose to use Florence and the Machines website as it is the same genre as our genre and we liked the way it was set out. This website has so many aspects of a conventional webpage and has a lot of individual and originality to make it stand out. When analysing and creating our own webpage we have to think about AIDA (attraction, interest, desire and action) as it is the key concept to remember to meet the audiences needs. The push and pull theory and the Blumer and Katz “Uses and Gratifications” (Entertainment, Social Interaction, Personal Identity and Information) must also be used throughout to draw the audiences attention so our website will be visited regularly.

This was a very helpful task as it made us notice things we would have missed if we hadn’t have done this. We noticed many new things whether it being something small or something big which will help us design our own webpage so we could include every little detail to make is as good as it can be.

Here is our screencastify and script of us analysing Florence and the Machines website;

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