November 2

Web Page Draft One

After creating the digipak, we had to create a webpage that supports the digipak and the music video. My group and I sat down to discuss what we want on each page; photos, links and writing. This is what we have produced so far, it is not yet done and there needs to be a lot done to it to make it how we want it to look.

We gave our first draft to our teacher so she can give feedback on it. This is what she suggested:

  • Match the pink and use more of the other colours from the digipak.
  • The site promotes the digipak, so we need some hype on the front page and some news about it.
  • More continuity with the font- follow the lead from the digipak throughout the site.
  • Add captions or some news about the photo gallery.
  • Link the albums to some music; link now.
  • Social media links to their real social media links.
  • Have some news stories made up for the news page.
  • Book now-link to ticketmaster.
  • About section needs to be higher up on the menu as it introduces Jordan- use mission statement and embellish it with some more facts and stats about him.

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