November 14

Webpage Draft 2

After spending a few weeks planning and creating our own webpage, Izzy and I are very happy with what we have achieved and accomplished for our final product. We have managed to incorporate the same colours into our webpage as we did for our digipak. Even though our first draft was alright, we feel like we have made it look so much better as a whole from the feedback we got given from our tutor and peers.

These are the things we have changed and improved:

  • We have changed the colours on the front to match our digipak.
  • We have changed the “about” section the the front page and added things about the artist into it.
  • We have added links to the artists social medias and links to the ticket master from the tour dates section.
  • We have added a news page with images and writing about what has happened in the artists life.
  • We made sure everything was linked to each other so it all made sense.
  • We have added an image for the background for a few pages.
  • We have also added a gallery at the end of all the images taken whilst shooting the music video and the digipak.
  • We have made the titles bolder and stand out more by adding in a white outline against the blue.
  • We have changed the colour and font of the titles and the UK tour dates to make it clearer to read.

We have changed a lot of these from the first draft but overall we feel it looks so much better and looks like a complete webpage.

Click below to see our webpage.

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