May 23

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is slightly different to the performance shoot as we had supervision most of the time but for this shoot we are allowed to go wherever we want as long as the supervisor knows when and where we will be. Doing this also means that we can be trusted. We must be fully aware of our surroundings which is why we have outlines some possible dangers and how to avoid them.

May 23

Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard, this is very important as it tells us exactly where we need to position the camera and it also helps us to remember the shot because if we didn’t do this then we would probably miss out on a lot of really good shots. Doing this storyboard also saves a lot of time so we wouldn’t have to discuss it on the shoot, wasting a lot of shooting time. Doing this illustrates the journey the characters are on so we are going on it with them.

We didn’t put enough post it notes on this storyboard, it was far too brief so this is why we had to go for a second shoot and redo the filming. The next story board we will do will be more detailed so it will be easier to film the next shoot as we will use this a guideline as to what to shoot.


May 23

Narrative Development

This is our narrative development which we did on slides so we knew exactly what the narrative is in our music video. This helped us with what the themes and the message we are trying to get across.

As Olivia and Seb are doing the normal couple activities, there is a disruption as a another guy (Jordan) appears and begins to make Olivia lean towards him as he really likes her. At the start of the music video, Jordan gets really jealous and feels like he will never have a chance with Olivia until near the end where she leaves Seb and goes off with Jordan. So there is a conflict between the two guys to see who will be with Olivia.

This is their story below:

May 23

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Below are a couple of photos of us shooting the performance.

We filmed at the Cowshorn above the Aquarium in town with Jordan and Lottie as our actors. We had 3 hours to film and spend about 45 minutes of it setting up.

I felt like the performance went really well despite the fact that our actors were quite nervous to begin with, they managed to relax and get into the music which gave us a great performance. The casual look worked really well as it wasn’t too over the top, it also made the actors feel more comfortable. We used a wide variety of shots including close ups, wide shots, mid shots and low and high angles to create a sense of star image and mood in the performance.

Reflection Targets

  • We need to sing louder to make the actor more comfortable and less awkward.
  • It was very windy at the Cowshorn which made all of us very cold which affected the performance.

May 23

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is our first rough cut draft for our music video. We only filmed the performance of our video and merged all the clips that worked into one clip to show our outcome of our shoot.

I think we all worked well as a group as we all took turns in filming the actor and coming up with ideas.

What went well?

  • The actors became more comfortable around the camera.
  • We got a variety of shots although we could have gotten a few more of each shot to choose which ones are the best.
  • The mise-en-scene worked well.
  • The location worked well.

Targets for improvements

  • We should have added in a few more of each shots.
  • Should have added in a tracking/dolly shot.
  • Looked at the weather conditions as we all were very cold.
  • Have a contrast of different lighting

Overall I am very pleased with the footage we filmed and I hope our narrative will go just as good.


May 23

Genre Conventions Analysis

Our group put together a slideshow of our chosen genre and analysed it so we have a clear understanding of how this genre comes across and what we need to involve in our music video. Genre is about understanding the blueprint for the production which gives the audience something new and different which gives them a predictable pleasure We wrote a script describing each slide and what we were looking for. We then used screencastify to record the script that went for each slide. We included the repertoire of elements to ensure we had enough information about the Indie Rock genre.

May 13

Star Image Planning

As a group, we created a moodboard of our star image- Saint PHNX.

After looking through their social media especially twitter, most of their photos are of them performing and tweeting things about their songs. There weren’t many photos of their ordinary lives. Their songs basically tells us to not blend in and to live life the way you want to, not the way other people want you to. Them wearing a mask, shows a rebellious side to them. It’s a form of hiding their identity so we don’t actually know them very well. They are quite mysterious. In this planning, we have shown their meta-narrative and we will show it in the next shoot.