October 9

Photoshoot/Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

After doing a lot of research on what we want our digipak to look like. We then had a meeting with Jordan to see when he was free during the week for us to be able to shoot him. We then filled out a production meeting agenda so we knew exactly what everyone is bringing, what equipment we need and when and where we are going to shoot. We also had to do a risk assessment so we knew what risks there could be whilst shooting.

October 4

Feedback on Mock-up and Targets

After creating a mock-up we put them into a CD case and went and asked peers to give feedback on what genre they think it is and what adjectives best describes this genre. By doing this, it will tell us if we are on the right track of producing an indie pop digipak. We let our peers who knows nothing about our digipak 10 genres and 10 adjectives to choose from that best represents our genre, hoping they would choose indie pop or indie folk.

These were the results;

As you can see, a lot of people chose indie folk and indie pop which we are pleased about but 3 people said rock or jazz which is not what we wanted, so we will have to think about how to make it look less rock and jazz and more it look more indie pop. This goes the same for the adjectives, a few people thought it looked mysterious and urban which we didn’t intend it to look like that so we will have to rethink and try not to make it mysterious or urban. But we did get a lot of people saying folky, young and fun which is what we were looking for.


October 4

Digipak Mock-up

We spent a few lesson researching different sections of a digpak that relates to our genre. We looked at our moodboard we made, Pinterest, Instagram and google. Below is what we created by using existing album covers;

We feel these images best describes our indie pop genre and the band themselves. After choosing the images, we then added the band name onto the front cover in the font we thought fitted well with the genre and the cover, we also added the song names on the back cover to get a sense of how it is going to look at the end. We wanted to keep each section simple but effective so it is easier to understand the meaning it is trying to convey.

We decided to go for the more pastel colours and this specific genre includes these colours. It makes the digipak look and feel happier even if the image behind it means something the complete opposite. We wanted each image to mean something else but links back to the same thing being the band.

We decided to have a symmetrical design on the front cover of the main singer in the middle of the shape looking straight at the camera so people know who they will be purchasing. For the inside left of the digipak, we chose a man with flowers for his face looking to the right side of the digipak which will be of a headless and legless girl in a pink dress which will be the main focus of what he is looking at. We also wanted something creative within the digipak, so for our back cover we will draw a set of drums and then using the pastel colours we will then paint inside it using watercolour.

Overall, these images are a taster of we want to create and hopefully we will be able to achieve that. We thought that these ideologies best represents and conveys the indie pop genre.

October 2

Our Mission Statement

Before creating our mission statement, we had to make sure we know who our target audience is with some help from Yougov, we found out their demographics and interest. This will help us when coming to producing our product as we will know our target audience in more detail.

Who is our audience?

  • Teenage to young female adults.
  • Mainly fun and happy attitude referring to bright and cheerful tv shows/movies. Which mean our product will include bright and cheerful colours like baby pink, sky blue, yellow.
  • Majority are conservatives so we will have to make something that will not offend them in any way.

A call to action

  • We would like the audience to understand what the album and stars are communicating.
  • We would like to create a merch for clothing and albums would be on sale alongside tickets for live concerts.
  • For fans to be able to interactively socialise with other fans, they can visit the website and talk to others about the band on a forum.

Who are the competitions

  • Sam Smith, The Weekend, Bruno Mars.
  • The album covers are quite dark with a splash of colour.
  • Most websites are simple but effective and attracts the audience straight away. The fonts goes really well with the genre and its not too busy on the page. Everything is easy to locate.

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Our star is trying to make people feel free and to enjoy life. It helps them to try and overcome their problems. It is also to entertain them.
  • I do not believe we are mixing different genres into our brand. We are definitely focusing more on the indie pop side as it is more open to peoples interpretation.
  • Our star will be ordinary but with some extraordinary sources to them.

Our Mission Statement

Reload puts the twist on the love, loyalty and lies within relationships, exposing the hypocrisy of modern relationships. Reload is in the Indie Rock genre and the vibe is an urban contemporary take on modern day life, integrating the conception of love with Indie rock.

September 28

Digipak Moodboard


My group and I were given the task to create a moodmoard to help us to visualise what we plan our digipak to look like and how the genre looks like. I found this very helpful as we now can see what colours, fonts, style and images this genre involves which will help us a lot when coming to making our own digipak.

Before we were given the task of creating our moodboard, we did some research and put together images that we liked and thought would go well in our digipak. Some of the images are very different to one another but still fits very well within the theme of indie pop. We are going to find creating the digipak quite hard as we like all of the different kinds of styles in this genre but hopefully with help from our peers we will be able to produce a digipak that we both like and illustrates the meaning we are trying to communicate.

We are hoping to convey something simple but effect, that’s why we have chosen very simple album covers. We really like the idea of a a girl standing on in sea in a dress but the face is covered by the clouds so you don’t see the face; I feel like this is very simple yet very effect as a lot of things can be conveyed by it. I also like the idea of shaped and patterns filled with pastel colours as it is very simple but describes the genre of it very clearly. This genre is very rebellious, young, buoyancy and alternative.

September 25

Digipak- Previous Students work

I have decided to analysis this digipak by Alex Gill and Becksley Wild called “The Stoneroses.” I will analysis the digipak on the main points:

  • The use of camera and Photoshop to take and manipulate engaging images.
  • The selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates.
  • The choice of words that talk to and engage a specific audience.
  • The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and use of colour/typefaces.

  • Firstly, the use of camera and photoshop has worked really well. They have used a variety of shots; close up of the orange, mid close ups of the band. The different angles of the band has worked well as the front cover is of the band looking at us but when you open the digipak, its a picture of the band facing backward so the photo carries on which gives a sense of continuity. How they have used photoshop is interesting as the colours merge into each other nicely and there is a bit of each colour on each page so we know it comes from one digipak. The red line around each band member makes them stand out more which has been creatively done by photoshop. So I would give this an upper three.


  • I really like how this group didn’t go too overboard with the mise-en-scene. The mise-en-scene is one of the main features on how something creates meaning. The clothing they are wearing is quite dark so it contrasts with the colourful background. The orange symbolises something but I’m not quite sure what but it goes very well with the colours in the background. It also gives us something to look at when we take the disc out. I would have loved to see a few more props as it would have helped us when coming to analysing the genre even though the colours helped a lot. That is why I would give this a lower four.


  • There are not many words within this digipak which makes it more simple and effective. They are consistent and very to the point so it attracts our attention more. The title of the band is very creative and original although it only includes the bands name and not the album name unless “The Stonerose” is both the band name and the album name. The choice of words are very inventive especially on the back, I feel like they have worked really well with the genre this is why I gave this a lower four.


  • I love the use of colour in this digipak. They make it look more upbeat and and very happy as the colours of red, yellow, blue and green congregate the theme of happiness. I love how the typeface of the band name merges in with the band itself so it gives a sense of continuity. The band name is quite busy so it could represent the madness of the song and the music video. This is why I have given this a lower four.


After analysing this digipak, I now have a feel of how to make a really good didgpak by using Photoshop and making sure the images and words link together nicely and will fit with my chosen genre.



September 20

Digipak Conventions Analysis

By understanding didpaks, we started by analysing existing professional album covers within our genre. We used an album cover by Sam Smith as we have used him before and he is very similar to our artist. By analysing the digipak, allows us to understand what their existing brand is like and what to include in a digipak. It will also help us when it comes to creating our own digipak as we will know what style to go for and what we need to think about including.

August 20

Production Skills Evaluation 2

We were very lucky to have a guest speaker from Specsaver’s come in today to show us some effects we thought would work in our music video.

One of the effects we got shown was colour. Colour is very important when coming to editing as it illustrates what decade we want our music video to be in. We used the pastel colours as we wanted our music video to look quite vintage so we changed the saturation, vibrance, sharpness, tint balance, faded film and the colour.

We changed the colour effect for every narrative clip to symbolise the vintage look of the decade.

We wanted the water clip to change from colour to black and white which illustrates the characters depressive emotions and colourless life after his girlfriend left him.

July 9

Music Video Draft 4

After listening to feedback from the previous draft, we have taken it under consideration and altered the video to make it look much better. After doing draft 4, we shared the video with our peers so they can give us feedback on it, there were quite a lot of positive feedback but we still need to do a lot to it to make it look the best it can.

Positive Feedback:

  • Mise-en-scene is good.
  • Lip-syncing is really good.
  • Good variety of shots especially on the performance.
  • Frame the shots very nicely.
  • Directed it nicely.
  • Very clear that Olivia and Seb are together.
  • The edit is slowed down of Seb and Olivia having an argument which is good.
  • The shot of Jordan and Olivia walking past Seb is good.
  • Good shot of Seb looking mad.
  • Good shot of Seb walking on the beach by himself at the end, good colour change.


  • Stabilise the clip of Jordan walking by the walls.
  •  Don’t repeat the waterfall shot more than once. (Doesn’t link to the story)
  • Make the clips more consistent to the beat. (It’s off putting)
  • Add in effects.
  • Someone was stood in the shoot of Jordan and Olivia at the Cowshorn.
  • Get rid of the shot from the ground.
  • Get a different shot of Jordan looking at Olivia and Jordan.
  • Not very clear why Seb and Olivia broke up.
  • Get rid of the zoom in of Olivia by herself.
  • Edit the shot of Olivia and Jordan walking off as you can see them stutter.
  • Play with the shadow of Seb walking by himself to make it look like he’s really upset.
  • Make it obvious that Seb and Olivia are going to break up.


July 6

Music Video Draft 3


This is our third draft of our music video, during last week we went out and filmed more of the narrative with both boys and Olivia, this shoot went well and I feel like we have enough footage now to complete the music video.


  • Added in clips from the most recent narrative shoot.
  • Re-ordered the narrative clips so it makes more sense.
  • Added in effects to clips and seeing if they would work.

We give our music video to a few students and they gave back feedback to us which will help us to produce an even better music video.


  • We are going to speed up the edits to make it more exciting and intense.
  • Use less of the fades to black.
  • Move the position of some of the clips.

Overall, I think we have made great progress since draft 2, we have nearly filled in the gaps with more of the narrative shots, we have included effects that we think fits the clip right.