February 13

Draft 5

Below are my penultimate drafts. I showed my teacher these and he gave me some feedback to help me improve them for my final outcomes.

Front Page

Contents Page

Double Page Spread

This is the feedback I was given from my teacher.

  • All images must need a caption
  • Each photo needs to tell a story
  • Add a white background instead of a black one for my cover page
  • Tweak columns on my double page spread so it doesn’t cut down the middle of the page
  • Make the masthead bolder and change the fonts on the front page
February 11


To finalise my music magazine, I have chosen two adverts: A Lana Del Rey advert and a Beyonce advert as I am targeting a younger audience that are females.

I have chosen this Lana Del Rey advert for my back page as she represents the younger generation for the R&B music industry. Her music is very unique and original which inspires me to make my artist unique and original.

I have also chosen this advert to sit next to the contents page as many teenage to young adults enjoy listening to Beyonce’s music and they enjoy different perfume senses. This also fits nicely with my magazine because of the colours.

February 9

Early Mock Ups


These are my rough early mock ups for my magazines front cover, contents page and double page spread which will help me to create my magazine. By doing this, this will help me to decided what I would like at the front to stand out and what I would like in the background. I’ve decided to go for a very simple, not cluttered look so it doesn’t look busy and it’s easy to read.

January 24

Feedback on article

1) Stay Positive!- staying positive is the only way you’ll be able to succeed. There’s no point in thinking negative as it will only make your weaker and want to stop. Don’t take no for an answer-it’s the last thing you want to hear when you are feeling negative.

2) Don’t Listen To Anyone Unless They Know What They Are Talking About- there’ll be so much criticism or advice that will be given to you throughout the years of producing music, you need to learn to ignore it but take on board some of it as it might actually help you to get stronger. Somebody once told me “Do what you feel in your heart to be right-for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” You might not be able to win but it certainly shouldn’t stop you from trying.

3) Know When To Move On- you have to start off the music career by listening to other people’s music and identifying what kind of music you are into and doing loads and loads of covers on that song. You’ll get to a point where actually you don’t want to do covers of a particular song, you want to start writing your own songs but you have to take your time and be patient.

4) Learn To Be Patient- so many artists have become who they are now by being patient. Not every producer would want to produce your music so don’t let that tear you down and make you want to stop. “Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit!” Being patient will help you learn and realise not everyone will enjoy your music so you have to make them like your music and accepts you for who you are.       

5)  Focus On Commitment And Motivation- Someone told me to “Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs” which made me more motivated and committed to do well and do things I love to do, not what somebody wants me to love what they do.

6)  Music Can Save Your Life- music can literally save lives. If you feel trapped or upset, listening to music can make you become more relieved and less stressed. So never stop listening to music.

7) Genre Is Just A Word- genre is nothing but a word. Even though the word genre can help to categorise your music, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to fall under a specific genre, you can make your own style up and be unique and original.

8)  Imagination- by using your imagination helps you to be an open minded person which helps to write songs and perform them. It makes you become original and different instead of copying someone else’s work.

9)  Take Risks!- taking risks is the only way you are going to learn from what ends up well or wrong. Don’t try and copy someone else’s work, be different and original. Taking risks will make you stronger and passionate. I had a family friend who gave me some advice: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. This quote gave me the courage to take risks and to experience the world in a different world.

10) It’s Not All About The Money- Do people really think the only reason to become rich and famous is by becoming a musician? Not everything is about money and fame. There is a difference between wanting to do it for the fame and the money and wanting to become successful. No one should want to become a musician for the money, they should want to do it because it’s what they enjoy to do and it’s their passion.

I gave this article to a peer so they can read it out loud and give feedback:

My targets for development:

  • add more adverbs and adjectives to make it more interesting.
  • don’t repeat the same words a lot.
  • add in quotes.
  • make it nicer to read.
  • make it more poetic.
January 21

Article Idea Development

Before starting my article for my double page spread, I used this template to help me jot down things for my article.

I decided to set my article out as a “10 tips for life” as this attracts the audience especially late/early teens who wants to become an artist.

January 10

Language Analysis

Click to see full article:

“Q Magazine (Sept 1 2017), Cash For Questions This Month: Alt-J, Paul Stokes.”

The article above is about the band “Alt-J”. The interviewer is asking questions to the band which they have to answer. The title for the article is “Cash For Questions.” Paul Stokes is the author and Adam Lawrence is the photographer.

The structure of this article and are you aware of the journalist?

The structure of this magazine is in a Q&A style where fans asks questions rather than the author to the musicians and they have to answer them truthfully or opinionated. This is a way for the fans to interact with the article and make them want to read more of the magazine as the band is communicating with their fans and keeping them on top of what’s going on. This is good as the band had to answer truthfully as they were put on the spot which engages their audience more. The reader is not aware of the presence of the journalist as there are names in red after each question. This shows that the journalist has included different people’s opinions and made the article more open to people instead of leaving it personal. This creates a connection between the audience and the article itself.

What is your sense of the location/ event/ person that the journalist is writing about? How is this achieved?

Some of the similes and metaphors that used in this article are; “I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to play down our bookish image”, this illustrates that the language is formal and humorous as Alt-J continues to make a joke about hoe “nerdy” the image of them is, which makes us see the funny side of this interview and makes the atmosphere more relaxing. The simile “you wanted your music to be like ‘chewing gum that doesn’t’t lose its flavour'” reinforces the fact that they don’t want their music to lose taste, they are committed to work to the best of their ability to produce music that will carry on its taste.

What is the mode of address?

The journalist is speaking to the reader by addressing their questions which is then asked to Alt-J. for them to answer for the reader.


The journalists represents Alt-J as a very audacious, calm band who are willing to share their experiences to their fans and the world to give them some insights on who they really are. The article is written in a format that is readable with some joked included which entertains the audience and keeps them intrigued.

January 4

Draft 2+The Contents Page

Peer/teacher Feedback:

  • The photo is great quality.
  • the hair is great.
  • change the headline.
  • add a another bar at the bottom-symmetry.

What went well?

  • the hairstyle and the outfit.
  • the layout.
  • the quality of the photo.

What could be improved?

  • change the photo.
  • show off both eyes for the eyeline.
  • the colours are too dark.
  • the headline-too dull.

Here is my new improved contents page.

December 18

Draft 3- The Double Page Spread

Above is my first attempt of the double page spread.

Peer/teacher Feedback:

  • add more colour to the page as it is very dull.
  • include more images of different people.
  • change the font to more of an R&B genre font.
  • add more pictures.

What went well?

  • I used Photoshop to cut out my model to be able to send things behind, in front or around her.
  • the text being wrapped around the model.
  • the yellow headline.

What could be improved?

  • change the font to a more grungy to suit the genre.
  • make the model bigger to fill the space.
  • add an introduction to get the feel of what the article is going to be about.
  • add a bit more colour to the page.

This is my new improved double page spread. I used the feedback given from my peers to make it better.