October 23

Evaluation of Shoot or Graphic Design


After spend a lot of time trying to see what shapes/colours and illustrations will work we finally agreed as a pair what we want the final result to look like.

I went home and looked up different drum kits and came across one like this. I used this as a guideline for drawing my own. When I was happy with the outline I then used watercolour to paint in each section. After being happy with how it turned out I then out it in Indesign against the red and pink background which turned out looking good.




October 23

Digipak Draft 2

After listening to the feedback that we got given by our teacher, we went back onto Indesign and thought about how we could improve it. The feedback was very helpful as it told us what section of the digipak was strong and what sections weren’t so we could improve them more.

This is the final result:



  • We changed the background of the front and the back cover from a blue/green colour to a blue and pink pastel colour.
  • We changed the inside left background cover from a blue/green colour to a blue colour.
  • We changed the inside right cover from a stretched picture of the dress to a pattern of different coloured hexagons.
  • We added a silhouette of Jordan on this inside left with a brighter version of the girl.
  • Instead of rainbows, we added a trail of the coloured hexagons you see on the inside right so it flowed better and smoothly.
  • I drew a drum kit and painted it in watercolour using the pastel indie pop colours.
  • We changed the fonts of the songs and the album name to a stronger and readable font and changed the colour to white.
  • We got rid of the image instead Jordans face on the front cover as it wasn’t our own photo and it looked too crowded.
  • We also added the album name into the spine.

We then went around and asked 3 peers what they thought of our improved digipak. This is what they said;

Peer 1

  • Really good colour Scheme.
  • Colours are very complementary.
  • Good range of photos and illustrations.
  • The font is very clear and readable.


  • Maybe add white into the drum kit to continue with the colour scheme.
  • Maybe make “jordan” stand out a bit more.

Peer 2

  • Colour scheme is good.
  • Silhouette works well in front of the textured background.
  • The pastel hexagons works really well.


  • Maybe less colours in the drum kit as some of the colours clash with the background.
  • The picture of the front cover looks too clear/sharp compared to the faded background.

Peer 3

  • Calming colour pallet.
  • The movement and dynamics of the girl throwing the pattern works well.


  • Maybe adjust the gradient on the shapes so the light source comes from the same place.
  • The colours on the drum kit clashes with the background.


October 19

Digipak Draft 1

After doing a lot of research into digipaks for our genre and band we have created our first draft for our digipak. It is no where near finished and will have to have a lot done to it to make it perfect. We spent many hours on Indesign and Photoshop playing around to see what colours/shapes/fonts and images is appropriate for this genre.

please click to see clear image


We gave this into the teacher to see what feedback we got given to improve it;

Positive feedback:

  • The background on the front page is good.
  • Rainbows work well.
  • The shapes work well on the front page.
  • The tracks are good.
  • The lower case of jordan is good.


  • Similar backgrounds as the front cover on all panes but different colours.
  • Own image to put on his face.
  • Maybe put the girl on the right hand side horizontally with the rainbows bleeding onto the left hand side.
  • Make more rainbows.
  • Don’t forget to add onto the spine.
  • “Reload” is too heavy.
  • Call a track something to do with the lady so we understand why she’s in the digipak.


October 18

Contact Sheet

After knowing what we want our digipak to look like, we went into the white studio to take photos of both Jordan and myself. The outcome was really good and I feel like we captured a lot of good photos that best represents our genre of Indie Pop. We separated the good photos from the bad photos and created contact sheets, we didn’t delete the bad photos incase they can be in use for future things.

These were the good shots:


Bad shots:

As you can see these photos did not work out well. In a few of the photos the models weren’t ready so we didn’t get the full effect of what they were suppose to be doing. Especially the photos on Jordan; some of the lighting was to bright as the aperture wasn’t set onto the right setting and the flash from the lights drained the colour out a bit also. These might come useful for the website but it is very unlikely we are going to use due to the way they have turned out.

We have been experimenting with different shapes and colours in photoshop to see what will work for our digipak. We really like the shapes of the circles and triangles but we need to change the colours of the shapes so they match the indie pop colour scheme. We are hoping to use the rainbow as an effect coming out the girls head/arms to make it look different but effective.


We ended up doing two shoots as the first shoot was more of Jordan for the front cover and the inside left and the second shoot more of the girl in the dress and the pointe shoes. We did take some of the girl in the first shoot but she didn’t bring her shoes as we didn’t think of it but half way through the shoot we thought of her wearing the dress and the pointe shoes and doing ballerina poses to put in our digipak and the website. We felt like both shoots went very well and we captured all the shots we wanted to capture. We used a few images from both shoot to put in the website and one image from each shoot to put in the digipak.

After spend a lot of time trying to see what shapes/colours and illustrations will work we finally agreed as a pair what we want the final result to look like.

I went home and looked up different drum kits and came across one like this. I used this as a guideline for drawing my own. When I was happy with the outline I then used watercolour to paint in each section. After being happy with how it turned out I then out it in Indesign against the red and pink background which turned out looking good.

October 9

Photoshoot/Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

After doing a lot of research on what we want our digipak to look like. We then had a meeting with Jordan to see when he was free during the week for us to be able to shoot him. We then filled out a production meeting agenda so we knew exactly what everyone is bringing, what equipment we need and when and where we are going to shoot. We also had to do a risk assessment so we knew what risks there could be whilst shooting.

October 4

Digipak Mock-up

We spent a few lesson researching different sections of a digpak that relates to our genre. We looked at our moodboard we made, Pinterest, Instagram and google. Below is what we created by using existing album covers;

We feel these images best describes our indie pop genre and the band themselves. After choosing the images, we then added the band name onto the front cover in the font we thought fitted well with the genre and the cover, we also added the song names on the back cover to get a sense of how it is going to look at the end. We wanted to keep each section simple but effective so it is easier to understand the meaning it is trying to convey.

We decided to go for the more pastel colours and this specific genre includes these colours. It makes the digipak look and feel happier even if the image behind it means something the complete opposite. We wanted each image to mean something else but links back to the same thing being the band.

We decided to have a symmetrical design on the front cover of the main singer in the middle of the shape looking straight at the camera so people know who they will be purchasing. For the inside left of the digipak, we chose a man with flowers for his face looking to the right side of the digipak which will be of a headless and legless girl in a pink dress which will be the main focus of what he is looking at. We also wanted something creative within the digipak, so for our back cover we will draw a set of drums and then using the pastel colours we will then paint inside it using watercolour.

Overall, these images are a taster of we want to create and hopefully we will be able to achieve that. We thought that these ideologies best represents and conveys the indie pop genre.

September 28

Digipak Moodboard


My group and I were given the task to create a moodmoard to help us to visualise what we plan our digipak to look like and how the genre looks like. I found this very helpful as we now can see what colours, fonts, style and images this genre involves which will help us a lot when coming to making our own digipak.

Before we were given the task of creating our moodboard, we did some research and put together images that we liked and thought would go well in our digipak. Some of the images are very different to one another but still fits very well within the theme of indie pop. We are going to find creating the digipak quite hard as we like all of the different kinds of styles in this genre but hopefully with help from our peers we will be able to produce a digipak that we both like and illustrates the meaning we are trying to communicate.

We are hoping to convey something simple but effect, that’s why we have chosen very simple album covers. We really like the idea of a a girl standing on in sea in a dress but the face is covered by the clouds so you don’t see the face; I feel like this is very simple yet very effect as a lot of things can be conveyed by it. I also like the idea of shaped and patterns filled with pastel colours as it is very simple but describes the genre of it very clearly. This genre is very rebellious, young, buoyancy and alternative.

September 25

Digipak- Previous Students work

I have decided to analysis this digipak by Alex Gill and Becksley Wild called “The Stoneroses.” I will analysis the digipak on the main points:

  • The use of camera and Photoshop to take and manipulate engaging images.
  • The selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates.
  • The choice of words that talk to and engage a specific audience.
  • The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and use of colour/typefaces.

  • Firstly, the use of camera and photoshop has worked really well. They have used a variety of shots; close up of the orange, mid close ups of the band. The different angles of the band has worked well as the front cover is of the band looking at us but when you open the digipak, its a picture of the band facing backward so the photo carries on which gives a sense of continuity. How they have used photoshop is interesting as the colours merge into each other nicely and there is a bit of each colour on each page so we know it comes from one digipak. The red line around each band member makes them stand out more which has been creatively done by photoshop. So I would give this an upper three.


  • I really like how this group didn’t go too overboard with the mise-en-scene. The mise-en-scene is one of the main features on how something creates meaning. The clothing they are wearing is quite dark so it contrasts with the colourful background. The orange symbolises something but I’m not quite sure what but it goes very well with the colours in the background. It also gives us something to look at when we take the disc out. I would have loved to see a few more props as it would have helped us when coming to analysing the genre even though the colours helped a lot. That is why I would give this a lower four.


  • There are not many words within this digipak which makes it more simple and effective. They are consistent and very to the point so it attracts our attention more. The title of the band is very creative and original although it only includes the bands name and not the album name unless “The Stonerose” is both the band name and the album name. The choice of words are very inventive especially on the back, I feel like they have worked really well with the genre this is why I gave this a lower four.


  • I love the use of colour in this digipak. They make it look more upbeat and and very happy as the colours of red, yellow, blue and green congregate the theme of happiness. I love how the typeface of the band name merges in with the band itself so it gives a sense of continuity. The band name is quite busy so it could represent the madness of the song and the music video. This is why I have given this a lower four.


After analysing this digipak, I now have a feel of how to make a really good didgpak by using Photoshop and making sure the images and words link together nicely and will fit with my chosen genre.



September 20

Digipak Conventions Analysis

By understanding didpaks, we started by analysing existing professional album covers within our genre. We used an album cover by Sam Smith as we have used him before and he is very similar to our artist. By analysing the digipak, allows us to understand what their existing brand is like and what to include in a digipak. It will also help us when it comes to creating our own digipak as we will know what style to go for and what we need to think about including.