July 9

Music Video Draft 4

After listening to feedback from the previous draft, we have taken it under consideration and altered the video to make it look much better. After doing draft 4, we shared the video with our peers so they can give us feedback on it, there were quite a lot of positive feedback but we still need to do a lot to it to make it look the best it can.

Positive Feedback:

  • Mise-en-scene is good.
  • Lip-syncing is really good.
  • Good variety of shots especially on the performance.
  • Frame the shots very nicely.
  • Directed it nicely.
  • Very clear that Olivia and Seb are together.
  • The edit is slowed down of Seb and Olivia having an argument which is good.
  • The shot of Jordan and Olivia walking past Seb is good.
  • Good shot of Seb looking mad.
  • Good shot of Seb walking on the beach by himself at the end, good colour change.


  • Stabilise the clip of Jordan walking by the walls.
  •  Don’t repeat the waterfall shot more than once. (Doesn’t link to the story)
  • Make the clips more consistent to the beat. (It’s off putting)
  • Add in effects.
  • Someone was stood in the shoot of Jordan and Olivia at the Cowshorn.
  • Get rid of the shot from the ground.
  • Get a different shot of Jordan looking at Olivia and Jordan.
  • Not very clear why Seb and Olivia broke up.
  • Get rid of the zoom in of Olivia by herself.
  • Edit the shot of Olivia and Jordan walking off as you can see them stutter.
  • Play with the shadow of Seb walking by himself to make it look like he’s really upset.
  • Make it obvious that Seb and Olivia are going to break up.


July 6

Music Video Draft 3


This is our third draft of our music video, during last week we went out and filmed more of the narrative with both boys and Olivia, this shoot went well and I feel like we have enough footage now to complete the music video.


  • Added in clips from the most recent narrative shoot.
  • Re-ordered the narrative clips so it makes more sense.
  • Added in effects to clips and seeing if they would work.

We give our music video to a few students and they gave back feedback to us which will help us to produce an even better music video.


  • We are going to speed up the edits to make it more exciting and intense.
  • Use less of the fades to black.
  • Move the position of some of the clips.

Overall, I think we have made great progress since draft 2, we have nearly filled in the gaps with more of the narrative shots, we have included effects that we think fits the clip right.

June 20

Feedback From Teacher

This is the feedback we were given back to our group. We had quite a few positive feedback but we do have a lot improvements to consider.

Positive feedback 

  • Edit works well.
  • The rhythm is good.
  • Good variety of shots.


  • Include more close-ups of main singer.
  • Make the relationship between Olivia and the 2 guys more clear.
  • Establish that the guys are in competition for Olivia.
  • Put the narrative shots in order so it doesn’t confuse the audience.
  • Improve the structure.
  • Add in shot reverse shot of the guy looking jealous.
  • Introduce Jordan earlier.
  • Maybe cast someone else instead of using the main singer.
  • Shots of Seb’s reactions to Jordan and Olivia.
  • Make narrative simpler.
  • Maybe just stick to one relationship.
June 17

New Storyboards/PMA

After looking at the footage from our first narrative shoot, we decided to reshoot it as we didn’t get enough footage and the footage didn’t quite make sense. We needed a few more close ups and we needed the narrative to make sense. Because we were going on another shoot, we had to have another production meeting so we knew exactly what was happening.

Below is our second storyboard which we have created to illustrate all the different shots we wish to use in our music video. After being here for a nearly a whole year now, we have realised that planning is a key thing when it comes to shooting/filming as it saves time and we know exactly what to do. Doing a storyboard for each shoot is extremely helpful as we have a rough idea of what shots we need.

June 15

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes Narrative)


This is our draft 2 of our music video of both performance and narrative. We still to do a lot of work to it but we as a group feel like it is coming along very well. We are very happy with the footage we have filmed and how it fits with the song. By adding the narrative to the performance helped us to pick out what shots didn’t quite work and what else we need to film to complete the video.

Targets for improvements:

  • Replace the drummer shots with someone else as she doesn’t look energetic enough for this song.
  • Add shots of both Jordan and Olivia.
  • Make its very clear that Olivia goes from one boy to another.
  • Also make it clear that Jordan is very jealous of Olivia being with someone else.
  • Make it clear which boy is which as they look very similar.
  • Add a few effects and transitions to the clips to make it more exciting.
June 15

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

First Shoot

Our first narrative shoot was filmed down at Pembroke beach. It didn’t go to plan as we weren’t as prepared as we should have been so we spent a lot of time figuring out what to do. We also didn’t get enough footage as we didn’t have enough time so we ended up re filming the narrative on a different day. The footage we did film was alright but the shots weren’t long enough so we had a bit of trouble when coming to editing as we didn’t have a lot to choose from. Most of the shots were eye level, we didn’t have a wide variety of shots which didn’t help when we were trying to communicate the meaning of the song.

Second Shoot

We ended shooting our second shoot at various locations; Olivia’s house, Fairy Ring and Mini golf at 19. We felt this shoot went so much better as we planned what to film a few days before the shoot. The weather worked well for our shoot and everyone got into it by the end of the shoot. We got a lot more footage this time so when it came to editing we had enough footage to choose from to fill the song. We also go a lot of different shots for example we got a low angle shot of them having a piggy back ride and a few from a high angle which made it clear to us and to the audience of what we wanted to communicate.


We ensured that we had the right equipment and the setting was right on the camera before we started filming so we could start filming straight away.

Overall, out first shoot did not go well but our second shoot did go well.

June 10

Audience Ideologies

“One’ by Saint PHNX comes from the pop genre. My group and I spent some time discussing who our song would appeal most to. We used the website YouGovLTE.com to find out their interests, demographics and political views. Our band name wasn’t found on YouGov so we had to do a bit more research to find out which artists are the same as Saint PHNX.

I found this task very useful as it will help us to produce a music video that our aimed audience will be interested and entertained in. We want our audience to be able to decode messages throughout the video which will help us to encode the product as a whole.

After using YouGov to find the pefect audience for our music video, I was able to create a “typical audience member” by using Bulmer and Katz Uses and Gratification, demographics and psychographics.


May 23

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is slightly different to the performance shoot as we had supervision most of the time but for this shoot we are allowed to go wherever we want as long as the supervisor knows when and where we will be. Doing this also means that we can be trusted. We must be fully aware of our surroundings which is why we have outlines some possible dangers and how to avoid them.

May 23

Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard, this is very important as it tells us exactly where we need to position the camera and it also helps us to remember the shot because if we didn’t do this then we would probably miss out on a lot of really good shots. Doing this storyboard also saves a lot of time so we wouldn’t have to discuss it on the shoot, wasting a lot of shooting time. Doing this illustrates the journey the characters are on so we are going on it with them.

We didn’t put enough post it notes on this storyboard, it was far too brief so this is why we had to go for a second shoot and redo the filming. The next story board we will do will be more detailed so it will be easier to film the next shoot as we will use this a guideline as to what to shoot.