October 26

Evaluation of Web Design Application

Whilst creating our webpage, we came across a lot of things we didn’t know, some of them being not knowing how to link things to each other, how to make an image appear big by clicking on the smaller image and many more. Wix is a website that I haven’t used before so it was a challenge to try figure out how to use it but it gave us an easy and simple start by allowing us to choose a template to work from. I liked the fact we can customise our own merchandise and make this webpage our own by adding in our own photos, changing the colours and the font. Down below is a slideshow I created showing what I have learnt whilst producing a webpage.



October 23

Production Skills Evaluation 3

In the making of producing our digipak, I came across some skills which I have learnt on Indesign and Photoshop which has helped us create a digipak fit for our target audience.

I went away and drew a picture of a drum kit and experimented with different colours to see what works for our genre and our target audience. This is the final painting. I then went into Photoshop and spent some time cutting it out so there wasn’t a background so it would fit nicely on the back cover background of our digipak. I thought this would fit our genre and our band image. The colours and the drum kit convey the indie-pop genre and the brand image we are trying to create. Some themes we are trying to convey are: mysterious, urban and young.

We spent sometime looking and experimenting with different colours on Indesign. We chose to have the light blue and light pink to flow continuously through the didigpak as we feel it best represented our genre.

We wanted to have a few shapes within our digipak so we looked at different shapes and put the colour in to see whether it would go with our theme. We decided to go with round circles and hexagons for our front cover and put a gradient on each shape so it would blend into the background making it look more 3D and less blocky.

We created 3 hexagons, each one with a different colour; white, blue and pink and copy and pasted them to create a continuous flow of hexagons from the girl which we cut out in photoshop and added a blue/white effect on her so she could contrast with the silhouette of the boy in the background. We added a drop shadow to the silhouette to make him stand out and look realistic.




October 4

Feedback on Mock-up and Targets

After creating a mock-up we put them into a CD case and went and asked peers to give feedback on what genre they think it is and what adjectives best describes this genre. By doing this, it will tell us if we are on the right track of producing an indie pop digipak. We let our peers who knows nothing about our digipak 10 genres and 10 adjectives to choose from that best represents our genre, hoping they would choose indie pop or indie folk.

These were the results;

As you can see, a lot of people chose indie folk and indie pop which we are pleased about but 3 people said rock or jazz which is not what we wanted, so we will have to think about how to make it look less rock and jazz and more it look more indie pop. This goes the same for the adjectives, a few people thought it looked mysterious and urban which we didn’t intend it to look like that so we will have to rethink and try not to make it mysterious or urban. But we did get a lot of people saying folky, young and fun which is what we were looking for.


October 2

Our Mission Statement

Before creating our mission statement, we had to make sure we know who our target audience is with some help from Yougov, we found out their demographics and interest. This will help us when coming to producing our product as we will know our target audience in more detail.

Who is our audience?

  • Teenage to young female adults.
  • Mainly fun and happy attitude referring to bright and cheerful tv shows/movies. Which mean our product will include bright and cheerful colours like baby pink, sky blue, yellow.
  • Majority are conservatives so we will have to make something that will not offend them in any way.

A call to action

  • We would like the audience to understand what the album and stars are communicating.
  • We would like to create a merch for clothing and albums would be on sale alongside tickets for live concerts.
  • For fans to be able to interactively socialise with other fans, they can visit the website and talk to others about the band on a forum.

Who are the competitions

  • Sam Smith, The Weekend, Bruno Mars.
  • The album covers are quite dark with a splash of colour.
  • Most websites are simple but effective and attracts the audience straight away. The fonts goes really well with the genre and its not too busy on the page. Everything is easy to locate.

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Our star is trying to make people feel free and to enjoy life. It helps them to try and overcome their problems. It is also to entertain them.
  • I do not believe we are mixing different genres into our brand. We are definitely focusing more on the indie pop side as it is more open to peoples interpretation.
  • Our star will be ordinary but with some extraordinary sources to them.

Our Mission Statement

Reload puts the twist on the love, loyalty and lies within relationships, exposing the hypocrisy of modern relationships. Reload is in the Indie Rock genre and the vibe is an urban contemporary take on modern day life, integrating the conception of love with Indie rock.

August 20

Production Skills Evaluation 2

We were very lucky to have a guest speaker from Specsaver’s come in today to show us some effects we thought would work in our music video.

One of the effects we got shown was colour. Colour is very important when coming to editing as it illustrates what decade we want our music video to be in. We used the pastel colours as we wanted our music video to look quite vintage so we changed the saturation, vibrance, sharpness, tint balance, faded film and the colour.

We changed the colour effect for every narrative clip to symbolise the vintage look of the decade.

We wanted the water clip to change from colour to black and white which illustrates the characters depressive emotions and colourless life after his girlfriend left him.

June 29

Production Skills Evaluation 1

After editing a lot of the music video, I feel very confident on how to use Adobe Premiere and I feel like I have made huge improvements. I have learnt how to start of a clip blurred and end it in focus.  I have also learnt how to use the mark tool to match up the star singing to the words in the school, this made the editing process a lot quicker. It is key to ensure that the clips fit the rhythm and pace of the song and I feel like I can do this without any problems. I have recently learnt how to change the colour of the clip to fit the song and add in clip transitions to make the video run a bit smoother.

Our music video still looks simple and standard but we are working on making it look professional and well put together. We still need to add in more clips in from other shoots but it is coming along very well.

In this first screenshot, I was playing around with Premiere Pro and seeing what works well with what clip, I finally found an effect that worked well with the opening clip; from being blurry to being in focus. From going to blur to focus allows us to identify who these people are, we don’t see their facial expressions until 1 second into the video which gives a sense of question of who are they. We are then drawn immediately to the main singer as he is the one up close to the camera.

In this second screenshot, I was trying to find an easier way of lip syncing quicker and I found the Mark tool which allowed me to match up the lip sync to the lyrics of the song.

Here are some technical skills I have learnt whilst editing:

  • Making sure the clip fits with the rhythm and the pace of the song.
  • How to match the lip sync with the lyrics quicker.
  • How to add transitions effects.
  • How to add effects to a clip.
  • Cropping the footage.
  • Adding colour to a clip.