March 2

Design Skill 2

I have now created my double page spread. With the feedback that I was given for my drafts, I have learnt new skills on how to make my pages look more effective and to the best ability. I feel more comfortable using Photoshop and InDesign.

Since the last design skill, I have learnt how to add in gradients to my cover page even though I didn’t add it in as it clashed with the writing and images, I still learnt how to do it.

February 14

So How Did it Go?

I’ve made a huge progress with this. Before starting the course, I knew nothing about designing magazines on Indesign, and using WeVideo, Issue, VoiceThread or any other softwares we have used.

These are the drafts of my front, cover and double page spreads that I have compared to my final pieces.

As you can see I have changed quite a lot of this, from a mess of words and colours that didn’t fit to a nice clean R&B looking cover  I changed the background to white so the masthead could stand out more and added red instead of pink as red is more R&B like.


Here I have only changed the photo to two different models to catch the readers eyes and added in a splash of yellow to make the page pop out.


As you can see here the great improvements from my first ever draft of the double page spread to the final outcome. The page doesn’t look plain or dull anymore as I have included pink on the page and inserted some photos to make it stand out more.

For coursework in the future, I’ll be able to work a bit faster as now I know how to use softwares like InDesign and Photoshop to create a product.

January 27

Design Skills 1

After doing two photoshoots: a studio shoot and a location shoot, I feel like I know how to use a camera and how to get different shots that communicates meaning and how to work with a model. I chose the best photos that will suit each page of my magazine and did a draft of it to see what it would look like visually.

I am proud of the progress of using InDesign and Photoshop. The final outcome of my magazine portrays the idea of power and sexiness which is what I aimed to achieved.

I have learnt how to cut my image out by using the lasso tool which I found challenging at the start but it got easier as I used it more. Cutting out an image makes it more professional and neat, it also helps you to produce a background even though the photo can look better without the background. The lasso tool helps you to cut the image out immediately and the feather tool helps you to cut out the smaller details ie if the hair is blowing around then this tool can be very useful.


Using InDesign helped me to produce a magazine. Once I have a finished cutting out the image from Photoshop, I then exported them into InDesign so I could play around with it to see what went well and suited my genre. For example, I added in a drop shadow to make the image stand out and look more 3D.

January 21

So…How’s it going?

So, I have now produced my magazine cover pager, double page spread and contents page. I feel like they have all gone really well. The colours and the mise-en-scene clearly shows the R&B genre and each page links nicely with each other. The outfits I have chosen for my model to wear illustrates my genre of R&B with the props being round, edgy, multi-coloured glasses.

The way I have illustrated my genre for my magazine is through the use of words, fonts and colours. It has been a task to find which fonts works best for this genre but after taking some thought and research I found the perfect one. The cutting out of images in PhotoShop worked really well which mean there are no sharp edges and they stand out.

November 20

So…I am Ready to Photography my Star

Over the past few weeks I have learnt a lot that will help me with my photo shoot. I have looked at different outfits and makeup and hairstyles by using the website that fit into my genre. I have looked at different magazine covers to see what style of photo that have used and how they communicate meanings.

Within the next month I will be photo shooting my model by using the skills I have learnt about using a camera. I will be using different angles and distances to communicate a meaning for each photo. I have got my inspiration from the artist Beyoncé as she is a very edgy and naturalistic artist as she wears very natural makeup.

November 1

So… I’m Ready to Make Some Media

After the first term of media, I have learnt how to use different camera shots and angles and how to use a camera with the different types of shutter speeds for different shots. I’ll be using my camera skills that I have used over the past few weeks to take photos of my model. The things I need to think about is what type of audience my magazine is aimed at at, by doing this I will need to think about the layout of the cover and the colours and pictures to use and well as the font. When doing my photo shoot, I’ll be thinking of using different angles and different distances so the images has a communicated meaning behind it.

The big challenges for my real magazine cover is to try use all the points for AIDA-Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. So I’ll need think about how to make the audience interested in the magazine: simple but effective and original. For them to take action I’ll be thinking about what artists to involve in the magazine so they have something they enjoy looking at and reading about.