October 23

Flow Chart and Preferred Website Template

To help us create a website, we made a template to help us follow and know where to put things. It also gave us an idea on what it will look like afterwards. We included the flashpage, leaderboard, new album releases, about the artist, tour dates and the merchandise within our website template.

Our next step was to sign up into wix.com and choose our template that we thought best fitted our genre. We decided to choose “indie.music.blog’ as it has similar colours to our digipak and music video.

October 17

Website Terminology

Now that we have produced a music video and digipak, we had to do a lot of research into analysing professional webpages to see what conventions are needed and how we are going to present it to our audience. When analysing a professional music magazine and a professional webpage, I found a few similarities for example; the positioning of the masthead, specific fonts that is fitted to the specific genre and a main star image. But a webpage is more complex has there are more things added to it to make it a webpage than a music video for example; a webpage has navigation buttons to be able to navigate specific things and there can be live videos and photos.