Social Media Page – draft 1

Here is the link to the social media page to get a closer look…@kararayofficial¬†

I am pleased with how my social media page looks online and feel I have included significant marketing techniques that promote my artist in her own unique way. I used a consistent colour scheme and fonts – keeping to the colours of the digipak and music video from my artists, using pinks and purples. My page includes both photos and videos so the audience feel more engaged and it is interactive to keep them connected. My artist is a supporter and ‘brand ambassador’ for¬†and wants her audience to understand her on a more personal and emotional level therefore I have included a repost from the womensaid to demonstrate who it is a charity close to Kara Ray’s heart.

Feedback from teacher with targets for improvement…

– Follow some similar artists and charities.

– Include a hashtag ‘say something’¬†something you’re trying to get trending.

– Good design coherence kept throughout to promote album.

– Add a date for when the album releases it, put as a caption?

– Include names on dogs.

– Use the album to promote a tour, or a link to merchandise.

– Keep referring back to hashtags or dates or links.

– Send some fans love saying thank you etc.

– Refer to other charities that link to the one already on there.

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