A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

After recieving the final feedback from my teacher I made the following amendments to my complete final draft of my music magazine “SOUL”…

Front page 

– remove ‘upcoming’ as it is unnecessary and takes up more space.

-change ‘RnB’ part of text into different colour that has been used elsewhere on the page to make it stand out more.

Contents page

 -make headlines / coverlines more clear by either using different colour or playing around with the strokes.

-make sure all text is spaced accurately.

Double page spread

 -delete any hyphens within the text using hyphenate tool on indesign so it is more eligeable.

-make sure all questions are equally centred and have equal amount of lines / spacing.

I am really pleased with how my magazine has turned out and believe it meets all my aims originally stated at the beginning of my project. It includes all the necessary conventions and features for a magazine especially music whilst continuing to follow the genre of RnB throughout with appropriate typefaces, colours and images used.



When looking through magazines you will nearly always notice there are adverts, these can be on artists, their products, their music or sometimes even brands completely unrelated to an artist featured. They are often chosen to appeal to primarily the audience of the magazine, so the reader is more likely to be interested in them.

The genre I have focused on for my music magazine is RnB, therefore I hope to focus on RnB fans, of mainly the younger generations. So below are the adverts I’ve chosen to continue this theme and successfully target my audience.


Above is a poster advertising Lovebox music festival. This is a festival that features all genre’s of artists including Rnb and hiphop therefore I thought it would fit well with my magazine. Not only is the poster aesthetically pleasing and fits with the rest of my magazine but it also is minimalistic and only give the key, important information needed. This is what I have tried to achieve throughout so feel it is fit for purpose in this sense, as well as being particularly appealing to my targeted audience as is likely to be a music festival they would be interested in. The use of bright and vibrant colours makes this advert more attractive and entertaining.


The next advert I have chosen is a wireless headphone one with Kylie Jenner. I have chosen this as it is related to music and again is simple yet clear what is the objective. I feel like Kylie Jenner has such a huge influence on the younger generations so therefore would be instantly recognisable by my targeted audience. The subtle use of branding is important to me as it isn’t too in your face and the readers are still able to clearly see the brand and aim of the advert.

Complete Magazine Draft


Main targets / features to change from feedback on first full draft of magazine :

Front cover…

  • Change main cover line “exclusive interview” into different colour so it stands out more.
  • Add an extra small cover line in the gap but keep music based.
  • Enlarge image of star to edge of border / behind masthead as cutting around hair is too tight.

Contents page…

  • Add information and details on the artist featured in images so the readers know who they are and why they’re there.
  • Play with main cover lines, in upper case or bold.
  • Put less words in the descriptions as seems too much to read at once.
  • Ensure the words and numbers are all lined up in all three columns equally and accurately.
  • Change number 31 to 38 to make it similar sizes to other numbers.
  • Add name of magazine using same masthead style onto page.

Double – page spread…

  • Enlarge page numbers / different font or colours to stand out more.
  • Make sure the articles (and page numbers) match up with what’s written on contents page.
  • Use first bit of text as stand first in bold then continue to begin article with drop capital.
  • Try putting the questions of interview in different colour / font / or size to make them more clear and different from answers.
  • Move orange insert image into the main block of text as it looks out of place.
  • Add in a photography byline.
  • Enlarge main image of star and potentially remove the black and white one that can be seen with low opacity in the background.
  • Move the main quote over closer to image to show more obviously it was said by the star in the image.
  • Try add a new headline under “IMALIA” that relates to what is said on front cover.

So… How is it going?

So far I am pleased with how my productions is going and how my magazine is turning out. I have completed the first full draft of my magazine after spending time perfecting it to how I wanted, making sure it was appropriate for the genre, looked like a music magazine and I’m glad to see it all coming together. I feel that each of my pages are working well together, they demonstrate the same colour palettes throughout and there is a consistency in fonts and type faces used. Because of this I feel my media work has been successful and I want to continue this through future projects. However there are still some amendments I need to make before I can submit the magazine, these are just small details that could make all the difference for the better, for example changing certain text to other colours to add more variety or moving images about so it doesn’t look too busy.

Through the making of my magazine I have learnt many transferable skills as well which I can use across all my media production currently and in the future. The main skills that I’ve acquired have been my digital design skills, organisation skills and criticism skills (both giving and receiving) .

  • Digital design skills – I have learnt how to successfully use both Indesign and Photoshop applications to ensure my images and pages are how I want them and to the highest standard. I’ve learnt to use all sorts of tools from the magic background erasing tool to the smudge tool, and have even perfected the skill of exporting as the correct file which has been extremely useful when uploading my work.
  • Organisation skills – due to having to keep up with deadlines and make sure I get the work done in time I have had to acquire serious organisation skills, as well as organising my documents into the suitable folders for uploading.
  • Criticism skills – throughout making my magazine I have had to both give and receive feedback and criticism from my peers and teachers. I feel like through this work I have a better understanding on useful and pointless feedback, what can help and what potentially won’t work for me and my magazine.

Design Skills 2

So what new design skills or production techniques have I learnt? What has gone well but even better if?

As I continue to improve and develop my magazine I am also learning and improving my skills with the programmes I am using, for example in Indesign and Photoshop. As I come near the end of the production of my music magazine I am now able to reflect on the new techniques I have learnt and how this has specifically impacted my work, and the narrative / star image I wanted to portray.

One particular tool that I’ve found i’ve used more often is the opacity tool. I’ve used this to add variety to my page. With this I have been able to use the same fonts throughout a whole page but still make certain inserts of text bolder and more clear by increasing or decreasing the opacity level so they stand out. I used this mainly on my contents page for the artist’s name ‘RUBY’ as I wanted that to be seen but not as the most important text on the page – it made it more exciting to look at but still simple.

Another tool that I’ve learnt how to use and has been extremely helpful has bee the text wrap tool. Particularly when making my double page spread i was able to wrap text around an image or certain shape. For example I used this initially when adding in a quote from the artist so it was bold but didn’t look out of place. It was more discrete than the block text and allowed me to break up the article for my reader so they could engage more with the information and quote.

I also discovered the magic of the spot healing brush tool in Photoshop. This tool has definitely made a difference as I make the last few changes to my images , making them as clear and perfect as possible. The images make a huge impact on the narrative portrayed and having them look professional and with meaning has been important to me.

So reflecting on the new design skills I have acquired i am really happy with how my work has progressed and how my music magazine has turned out. I have been able to use the software applications necessary to develop my media from feedback and watching tutorials and I believe because of this my magazine is successfully demonstrating the genre of RNB / soul as soulful and fun yet passionate and confident. This has also been reflected through my images on each page alongside the font typefaces and colour schemes I have followed. I hope that in these last few lessons I can continue this work and complete the coursework and be pleased with the media I produce.

A New Improved Contents Page

Here is my new improved contents page :


After making the amendments suggested from my previous draft of the contents page I was much more happy with what I had produced. I got my peer to assess my work and give me some feedback so I could further develop the page.

The main features that I may need to address that were pointed out were..

  • Play with the intensity of the  colour purple in main header , try making it lighter -this is so it is more clear and stands out more but also ties in more with the colour palette used on front cover.
  • Reference the four images – this is to help the audience know what page to find them on and what they’re about so they are potentially more interested in reading it.