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My copy of professional magazine front page

This is my mock-up where I have attempted to recreate the NME magazine front cover but using a new image.




  My Mock-Up


In creating  my Mock-Up using In-design and Photoshop I am really pleased with how I was able to use Photoshop to cut out the image of the women to easily place it into my magazine. I also enjoyed trying to get the correct/similar fonts and colours, this is the area which I found was particularly time consuming, as I wanted to make it as similar as possible to the original. Additionally I like how the women’s eyes are looking into the camera, so with my image I tried to find one where the women is looking into the camera too. I’m also pleased with how the image is the similar type of close up shot and how her face and shoulders take up the whole magazine page. Finally, I tried to make sure all the fonts and images were in the correct places as the original as possible.

On the other hand, there are some areas where i would’ve done differently if i did do it again, for example firstly this would include the image, even though i do love the image as she looks straight into the camera, if i did it again i wouldn’t of chosen one where she wore white or pale clothing as i struggled when it came to the texts as i wasn’t able to put it in the correctly accurate places because, the text on the original is white and it obviously didn’t stand out. A solution to this is that I placed a black border on the text so it was more see able.  As well as that, I did struggle to make the text of the word ‘Florence’ longer, which means in the future this would be an area i would like to improve in and spend a little more time on perfecting it.


Video 1

This video will help to place images inside texts. I would like to know how to do this because it will make my magazine cover unique and different to others and stand out.

Video 2

This video will help me to be able to move images around and shape them into and on top of other images, this will help make my magazine not just to become clock images but shaped and unique.

Video 3

The final video, is a tutorial on how to set a background, I placed this video as i know its a hard and challenging thing to do and this video will help me when i want to create my magazine next week.

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