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Design Skills 1

Through making my first 2 pages of my music magazine ( front page and contents page ) i have learned many new skills mainly using Photoshop and In design.


  • Selecting and masking an image to be able to cut out remainders you have missed.
  • Feathering the outside of an image. This is beneficial to my image as it makes it look more proffessial and when i cut it out on Photoshop it doesn’t look very smooth, Using the feather on Photoshop improves the image and makes it look far better when brought up onto my music magazine on Indesign.   (Include image)
  • How to make a contact sheet and uploading it


  • Making the individual letter of words all different sizes and being able to split them all up.

To help me with the rest of my music magazine i will need to :

  • Learn how to cut out the hair more accurately
  • Smoothing the edges of images
  • Change the colours of images / brightening up images
  • Indesign – learn how to shape words around text

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