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Double Page Spread

Draft 1

Here is my first draft of my double page spread, I have included Latin writing to show myself how long my article needs to be to fill the gap I had left for the article to fit


  • The image is nice, large clear and is in the right place, they like how it flows onto the article is effective
  • The lines at the top give it a good structure.

Targets of improments:

  • More colour
  • The writing on Lauras are just does not look like it is in the right place
  • Make the gradient flow through both pages instead of just behind the image
  • Also the image needs to be lifted of the page, I will try to improve this by putting a glow around it or a shadow on it

From this feedback I m going to try to include colour also I would like to try and split the first paragraph of my article and  place it nearer the image, this will try to create tension and seperates the inroduction form the srticle, and will hopefully make my double page spread look more presentable.

Here is my final draft of my double page spread, there will be little changes to this for my penultimate draft.

Changes for my penultimate draft will be to just add colour/ contrast to the image to make it bolder on the page. Also I will try and add a drop shadow to the image to push it off the page. Apart from that I am happy with my final draft.

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