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Language analysis

Below I have analysed a music magazine to see how to present a real magazine and to help inspire my article writing.

Here is a link to a Q&A which I have analysed:


Music magazine language analysis  


                             Q Magazine, (Sept 2017) 10 tips


  • The article by Q magazine used a unique and effective type of question and answers for their written section of the paper. This is because there are no real questions asked as they have been covered up by the use of slang type of questions and abbreviations, this way of writing makes the reader want to read what the question is truly asking an artist.The presentation of the page is effective, engaging and easy to read and understand.
  • Typically how the words are presented make it more effective and making people want to read on. Firstly, before the 10 tips start the use of play on words is effective as they follow the page down mostly because it is placed in a arrow and makes you follow the page down, this expressed as ‘10 commandments’ this uses biblical words which are followed through on the page saying ‘Thou Shalt Covet These Five Albums’ these are religious terms associated to the bible.   
  • The use of colloquial language makes it less formal and more like a magazine. It changs it from being a newspaper article to magazine. It engages people who do not want to be going to read a big paragraph of words as they immediately know it would be interesting and not a fact file.  
  • Using a quote on the first page of the double page as a headline is effective as it draws in a reader. The effective of this make people now without reading the next pae is that it either includes quotes or is from the actual artist and not made up. The use of quotes make an reader believe it is the truth an is what they would actually say and not made up. As well as that it makes it up to date and realistic.
  • The use of the numbers breaks it up, which makes it easier and engaging for a reader as they don’t have to read one solid block of writing. The same effective is on paragraphs it makes it easier for an reader.
  • The use of colour s effective the use of black and white with red included make the red parts stand out. With images around is also effective as it relates the topic of the article so you do not have to read to know what it is on about. Finally the bold text make the main important areas the centre of attention and where you look first.


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