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Prelim Montage

Using the story board shown below i have drawn within each box how a shot will be shown. This is used to allow the shot to run more smoothly.
(insert story board )
Here I have filmed a montage of a typical school day.

Using the assessment criteria I have made sure I have followed the following 3 points:

  1.  Holding a steady shot – To ensure my shots were steady I used a tri-pod in every shot, this also enabled me to do different type of shots from different heights and angles.
  2. Framing a shot – making sure my model was the main focus and central of most shots. Also when she walk up and past on the left that she also enters the next shot from the left to keep the consistency their.
  3. Shooting a variety of different shot distances – trying to get different distances, using long shots to show the scene and surrounding area and close ups to show the emotion of the model.


  • Transitions flow effectively.
  • different uses of shots and heights
  • Steady framed shots


  • Speed up the shots and the transitions of cutting speeds- resulting in more shots being shown, for example could include lunch.
  • More close ups to show the emotion of the school day

This tasks has enabled me to learn more skills on premier pro, such as including sound on a shot ( school bell ) also i was able to zoom in to a particular shot to create more suspension ( zooming in to clock ). This will result in being bale to work on premier pro a lot quicker and add in more effective skills next time.

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