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Holding a steady shot – Lower level 4

Clearly using a tripod on all still shots. Also effectively given the actor the camera to complete a Lock shot. The most effective shot I found was the extreme close up of the lips as it emphasises the words being said. Also they have used the tripod effectively to use high and low angle shots.

Framing shot- Lower level 3

They have used the camera very well whilst filming this music video. They used a variety of different techniques; the rule of thirds and the depth of field for example at 0.18 seconds, when the main singer is standing in the middle of the screen and the letter A comes up around him. The fast cutting speed at 0.56 seconds illustrates how mad and frantic he is and it also looks like a montage of how bored he is from being in the cell for a long time. Also at 1.23 when they look through the pipe is really effective and engaging as it looks like he is trying to hide something in there for someone, it’s also a great shot to convey his facial expression as he is doing it.

Variety of shot distances – upper level 3

There is a wide variety of shots being used throughout the video. The majority of the shots are medium long shots which give you a clear picture of the person and how his identity blends into his surrounding area. , however there is the use of long shots these were effective as it showed the surroundings and the situation of which the main character is in. In this situation it shows the prison like place and shows the isolation that he is left in. Additionally there is the use of close ups and extreme close ups and these are used in cases where you can/ need to see the emotion of the main actor and so you can see his reaction on the situation he is in. A close up or extreme close up is usually followed by a long shot in this case as it shows the main persons reaction to the scene he is in.  Furthermore there is the use of different heights as well as the shots for example there is a lot of low angled long shots these are also effective in showing the surroundings of the person making their situation clearer to the audience.

Appropriate to task- lower level 4

The scene and the was the actor acts is very appropriate to the task. The actor is shown as a tough prisoner however you also see how he breaks down and the inside to him. He always stays within his character making the video more effective. The genre is shown through the way the mise-en-scene is displayed. The actor also seems well directed by the people filming as he has a clear idea of the role he needs to undertake to make it more effective.

Mise-en-scene selection-lower level 4

The mise en scene is a big part to giving across a clear message and meaning towards the audience. the use of the bunker is effective as it makes it look like a prison where the actor has been isolated from society. Also the way the actor is dressed wearing a plain white vest and joggers also represents our minds as the audience as prison like clothing. Additionally the mixture of lightening from bright/ yellow colour representing the more secluded areas to the dark shadow like lighting shows the actor being lost within the prison feeling isolated and alone from the rest of the world.

Editing for meaning – upper level 3

Gibberish shows a clear sense of narrative of a prisoner trying to escape from the prison to be free back into society again. It has the appropriate pacing as it does begin to speed up more towards the end as it becomes more and more tense as he is breaking free. Also the use of the quick cutting speed is effective when the music starts to become quicker and bolder and it shows more meaning as it becomes more dramatic leading to engaging the audience more.

Shot Transitions – lower level 4

Their is a vast variety of shot transitions making the music video very effective. The use of quick cutting speed which is used mostly is good as it shows how it becomes more dramatic and how it builds up the tension. This also goes well with the genre of the music video. Furthermore there are also transitions such as twisting into the next shot this is effective as it conveys the thought of confusion. Additionally there is an effective transition at 0.25 seconds this sends the message that he is an a place where he should be in fear however he is being tough about it. However later on this changes as he becomes softer leaving the transitions to become softer.

Sound with images – higher level 3

Within this music video Gibberish there has been a clear attempt to keep the narrative flowing with the lyrics of the video, also  there is a clear attempt of rhythm of the music to the cutting speed as well as the surroundings for example, the music is tense, quick and dramatic meaning the narrative will have to flow. This has been done effectively as it is set in a prison and flows effectively with the genre.


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