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Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

On 11th May 2018, we went to Cows-horn for our first filming day where we gathered lots of footage with varieties of shots

What went well

  • Actor got into character and exceeded our expectations
  • Location had lots of different heights which benefited us
  • Clear lip syncing even though it doesn’t match yet
  • Used different camera angles and shot types: close up, wide shot, low angles
  • Used camera techniques: Tracking shot, and pan

What didn’t go so well

  • Lyrics wern’t clearly known- need words written down next time
  • Needed another band member
  • Environment was against as it was windy making us needing to adapt to it

Targets to aid improvement

  • Another band member which will help convey the narrative accross
  • Boards with the words clearly written down on them and get the actor to look over the song more before hand
  • Use more instruments
  • Still need to get plenty more footage to cover all aspects of the song

Here is our rough cut of our music video. This is not edited to sync with the lyrics. This enabled us to understand if we had enough footage to be able to last the whole song. This was helpful as we were able to find out we wanted more at different locations and more different heights involved.

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