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Shoot evaluation (narrative)

First shoot

Our first Narrative shoot was down Pembroke. It wasn’t as successful as we were not full prepared for it and didn’t have a clear enough shot list and we were trying to think of more stuff for the actors to do without making them feel awkward and to try and determine the relationship. We also didn’t have long enough their to film and gather enough footage to determine the relationships with the performers. On the other hand with the footage we did get we were able to get a lot of useful shoots with good camera angles which we will be using in the music video.

We plan to redo the shoot at a place where the actors can be themselves as this was them trying to pretend to be having sun leading it to looking fake. Also we will learn from this and created a more detailed shot list including a variety of different shots and shot angles.

Here is a photo from the shoot:

Second shoot 

We decided to take our second shoot at a various locations including; Fairy Ring, Olivia’s house and mini golf at bar 19. Doing it at different locations made the actors feel more comfortable as we were not always set up in a certain location. The weather worked well with us as we were able to go to these locations in the sun and allowed us to have fun whilst on the shoot, which played to our advantage as we kept the camera rolling on the actors sometimes without them knowing so they could be themselves, this enabled us to collect loads of shots that we needed.

When it came to editing we had loads of footage to choose from to fill the majority of the song. We also gained loads of different shots such as low angle which was really effective and was my favourite shot gained from the shoot. This was when they’re in the field and having a piggy back, this is also enabled us to communicate the relationship of the actors.

Here is a photo from the shoot:


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