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Music video Draft 2 (includes narrative)

Here is the draft 2 of my music video which includes performance and narrative. We have begun to add clips in places however we still do have a lot of work to do to perfect it. We have slowly started to add transitions. We also need to make the story make more sense to do this we will need to begin to move the clips around to begin to tell the relationship/ argument in this music video of which we vision. To help us with another shoot we will do we have begun to add text in the gaps where we believe certain clips should be.

Improvements :

  • Start to add more transitions
  • More reaction shots of the second guy
  • Have less of the drummer as she inst enthusiastic enough
  • Start to fill in the gaps needed
  • Make the jealousy of Jordan clearer
  • Make the audience establish what is going on between the two different guys more

Teachers improvements:

  • Start to re-organise the order to make it make more sense ( all beach ones, then all golf ones)
  • As well as transitions maybe adjust the lightening within premier

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