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Feedback from Teacher

Here is a screencastify from my teacher in responce to improvements and feedback of my music video draft 2. Below I have listed the improvements that she has given us t make our music video better.


  • The music video goes well with the rhythm and flows to the beat
  • Wide variety of shots
  • Editing works well together


  • More close-ups of the star
  • Improve the structure (put all the clips of a certain location together)
  • Add in shot revise shot of the guy looking jealous and envy the relationship
  • Make the relationship between Olivia and the two guys clearer
  • Put the narrative shots in order otherwise it will confuse audience
  • Establish that the guys are in competition for Olivia
  • Introduce Jordan earlier
  • Make the narrative simpler
  • Stick to one relationship to make it easier?
  • Cast someone else instead of using the main singer?
  • shot os Seb’s reaction to Jordan and Olivia

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