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Production Skills Evaluation 2

After deciding on which filters and effects we wanted to use I went and spoke to Lenny who is a deis


Lenny from Specsavors came in to give us new techniques and advice on our music videos we had made so far. The feedback which he gave us was very useful and he taught us new skills to make our music video better. He gave us mainly positive feedback such as, the quick cutting speed was effective, the use of the red to represent love as well as anger, and he liked the transitions we had used so far.

However Lenny also gave us feedback to help us improve our music video, he firstly suggested to reorder the events which involve in the music video and put them all together such as the beach scene all stay at the start then go to the golf as this will allow the audience follow the narrative easier. Lenny explained to us how important colour is to create the sense of genre and to make sure the audience is in the correct era, we wanted our colours to flow effectively with the indie pop genre therefore we went with pastel colours but Lenny taught us how to adjust the saturation, balance, vibrance, sharpness faded this brought an edgy look on it going well with an Indie Pop genre and effecting our music video as it brought the softer colours whilst the relationship was shown to be strong. He also showed us some skills such as changing the colours of the clips and adding in a shine like tone to it, we used this near the beginning of the music video as it resembled the strong bond and love that was there.

Having Lenny in was useful as he was able to guide us in the correct directions, and it was also someone other than our teacher and peers viewing resulting in newer, different advise being given. Lenny was able to show us skills which our teacher didn’t know about therefore we could use these skills later on in our media project and we can also show others how to do this.


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